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  1. "Mixing batches is no big deal. Just put the amount of SH needed in the mix tank, add water to make the batch strength. Add surfactant if needed. Not rocket science, just basic math. Most guys standardize their mix and even if you customize it, it is just basic proportions. I see the Proportioner being more useful for somebody who wants to use the same pump to do both roof cleaning and house washing from the same pump...or you hate math. OR...you have employees who can't do math. Just mark where you want it in the dial and tell them to turn it to that place for roofs and the other mark for house washes. What I can't see it working for is for guys who use a dedicated chem pump for roofs and a PW with a DS setup for siding washes. " I respectfully disagree. Most days I run three full time crews. With the instant access to a mix and not wasting time making batches, I am saving a ton of money and time. Ilf on a typical house roof/concrete mix (where we are making 3 different mixes, that would take 30 minutes to an hour in time to make those batches. spread this over 3-4 houses and my guys are "wasting" 2-3 hours per day just making mixes at $40 labor cost per hour for a two man crew, that can really add up...
  2. Cost wise, they are expensive, but we found that they all paid for themselves in time savings in less than one month. You can typically find them on special at most of the UMACC shows that PowerWash Store sponsors for around $950 or so. I know they seem high, bust they're not just a few valves stuck in a box. The blocks are custom milled and each valve costs around $150 each (wholesale cost). The completed product runs somewhere around $800 bucks in hard mfg costs.
  3. i'd be curious as to what Chlorine Poisoning is???? I use about 20K worth of SH per year and have never been poisoned.
  4. The Bobby Leach Student Life Center is a large multi-purpose facility on the campus of Florida State University. It houses not only an elevated walking / running track, but also an Olympic size swimming pool stadium, large gymnasium, and other various athletic department. The exterior is brick and synthetic stucco and has not been cleaned in years. Soon FSU will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of this complex and and in preparation for the party they're having it cleaned. Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning had the honor and pleasure of undertaking this project, and we think the results.... Well let's just say a picture is worth a thousand words! This was a fairly technical cleaning job. The Dryvit exterior has sadly been neglected over the past quarter century. It is very delicate and a soft-wash cleaning method had to be used to prevent damage form occurring to the exterior. Of course, this is located on the main campus of Florida State University so student traffic is always a concern. Spray Wash had plenty of extra safety personnel on hand to prevent and accidental splashes or drips on the members of the public. When you have pressure washing, soft washing, or any exterior cleaning needs in Tallahassee Florida, think of Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning!
  5. My Favorite hose is Goodyears Plivoic. I have mine made from my local Hydraulic shop.
  6. Chuck, I'm running three. In fact I probably had the first one installed (by Tim Asselton the inventor) publicly. They work perfectly each and every time with 12v, Booster, or Air systems. It can't be used on a recirculating Udor style pump. My crews are saving an average of 1-2 hours per day on making different mixes. If you want roof strength, set it at 3.5-4.0, just before you finish at roof have ground guy dial it back to 1.0% and you are seamlessly switching to a house mix with no downtime/mixing. I believe there are about 150 Proportioners out in the field right now being used.
  7. I like the F9, I always keep a case or two of it around. Pricey, but on the the jobs I use it on, cost isn't a factor. IO've tried regular Ox, but F9 works better in my opinion.
  8. This was a fun project we tackled this week. This home was never finished and basically abandoned in the woods for about 15 years. Owner is beginning renovations and asked Spray Wash to help. We never used a pressure washer here, soft-wash only with the booster pump. Rust stain were treated with F-9
  9. Ted: What was the resolve to this issue? I had a simlar problem where a hack doused a customers house with straight SH on a sunny day and it really made the oxidation pop. Brushing with Dragon Juice wound up being the solution for acceptable (not perfect) results.
  10. Hello Everyone! Longtime member here, but have not been around for the past few years. Hoping to rectify that situation by participating more often. I'm located in Tallahassee, Florida with Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning. Hope to see you around! Ray
  11. Metal Roofs need cleaning attention too! This metal roof is only 3 years old and look how dirty it has become. Much like an asphalt shingle, the "dirt" tends to multiply at a rapid pace. JUst like on dirty, algae infested asphalt shingles, and accumulation of algae, grime, and moisture can rapidly increase the deterioration factor on this type roof, causing the finish to fail prematurely. Additionally, pollen, and leaves tens to stick to the dirty metal roof , making it appear even more dirty! One of the biggest differences in cleaning a metal roof from cleaning a shingle roof, is that they must be thoroughly rinsed. Also, wet, algae covered metal is extremely slick and dangerous to walk on, and this cleaning should ONLY be attempted by a trained professional! A cleaning of a roof this size will typically take between 2-4 hours. If you would like more information about cleaning your roof in Tallahassee, Florida, feel free to call Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning at 850-528-3226, or visit out website at http://www.spray-wash.com
  12. Cleaned this complex filled with FSU students here in Tallahassee FLorida. We did a "stem to stern" cleaning, including the roof ( asphalt shingles), gutters, exterior siding, and sidewalks, patios, and even the curbs in the parking lot. We softwashed the entire project, and used a pressure washer to rinse some of the concrete. Slick decks and algae covered patios and decks aren't just an eyesore, they can also be a HUGE liability issue for Landlords, Home owners associations and property owners..especially if the residents have made formal complaints. Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning can remove this biological growth and make these surface safe again!
  13. Spent some time at the Governors Square Mall in Tallahassee this weekend for a commercial cleaning of their metal awnings & roof at the public entranceways. Always challenging to work in a setting such as this, safety ( both public and ours) becomes key. These metal roofs and vinyl awnings clean up beautifully! Algae and mildew are a constant problem here in Tallahassee. Florida... And if you own a business, you want to keep it looking its BEST! Spray Wash can gently clean away the mildew, algae, and other growth and leave you place of business looking fantastic!
  14. Hank...it ends when either I run out of stuff to clean or I finally fall out of the lift!
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