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  1. google changes so much, its impossible to keep up...
  2. Its all going to depend on where your location is.
  3. I can attest to florida lacking in the food department.. the 2 years i lived down there i wanted to die cause of the lack of options lol... people think the olive garden or corabas (sp?) is italian food lol... the one place i really loved down there though is Shepards.. my profile pic was taken there actually.. lots more tattoos now..
  4. no rinse for us... even without gutters.... in that situation we water a lot! but then the only thing that will rinse the roof is the rain, which will dilute the mix for us.
  5. chris, we do magnets with our holiday cards every year.. but we also include the coming years holidays on the magnet.. it gives people another reason to keep it and not trash it.. might be something you wanna think about.
  6. Just placed a order with Russ to start setting up my second box truck.... This time I'm going with the big guns (1/2") I am already booking into june, and feel like future customers are not going to want to wait... So its time to grow the fleet... This is my 2nd vehicle purchase this year... the 1st was a Estimate truck which I just had stickered up... Guys with more then 1 truck.. what kind of growing pains have you run into???
  7. how much difference does the 1 inchers make? Id have to upgrade air compressors, but its worth it if you can clean faster...
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