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  1. If you use one less than 2 gallons, let me know how it works. It's my thinking that a larger tank makes the pump stay on longer than a smaller one. I used the 2 gallon by hunch and it worked perfectly so I stuck with it. You may have to play with the pressure in the tank a little.
  2. We use both but a lot of places in my part of Florida do not have good water pressure so sometimes the pressure washer is the only way.
  3. Update - So far so good. Hasn't blown up yet and I can use small nozzles without excessive recycling.
  4. It was the perfect storm... I did it for a house flipper that gives me a lot of business. There was a parkside dr and a parkside ct. both houses were yellow vinyl siding with brick on the front. Both were vacant, so there was no one there to tell me that it was the wrong house. Both were the same size. Oh well, at least it came out ok. When I was doing the wrong one, the guy across the street came over and asked me to do his fathers house so I picked up a job from it.
  5. Has anyone ever cleaned the Wrong House or Roof? If not, I win the prize.....Just did it.
  6. I have been interested in a back pack sprayer but because of the bottom fitting have never bought one. I am glad you posted as now I know there are sprayers that draw from the top. Is there one that you recommend?
  7. I get mine here https://www.soapgoods.com/login.php Good prices and fast shipping.
  8. We don't like cleaning gutters, but will clean them if the customer wants to pay. We do it the old fashioned way, with a blower, hose or just scoop it out. We charge two different prices. One for bagging the debris and one for just cleaning it out and letting it fall to the ground. You'd be surprised. A lot of people just take the latter price. We like it better that way too.
  9. Thanks for the compliment. I get my ingenuity from my father. We were very poor when I grew up. Never bought anything new. Bought used and fixed it up or re engineered something else to do what we needed it to do. I helped re build a car engine when I was 10. By the way, that swivel is the same one I had. I originally bought it from Lori. I called to re order today. They said they don't have them any more. They do have another that is PVC. I ordered that one. Do you know where I can get one of the ones like you have in case I don't like this one. It lasted a couple of years before it went. I'm satisfied with that.
  10. Still working great. My plan is to use it for a season and replace it. Did have one problem today. At the start of the first roof my hose reel swivel went out. Pulled all the hose off the reel and by passed it. Finished both roofs with no problem. First time a swivel went out on me and it's probably the only thing on my rig that I didn't have a back up for.
  11. It's hard to get 400.00 for a 1500 sq ft house here. I've bid them as low as 350.00 and didn't get them. I usually start getting the bids on the larger homes 2500 sq and up. I can usually get 5-600 for one of those. Go figure.
  12. 12 ft trailer. 2 onboard pressure washers and one on a cart. All three are the same. Delivan 5850 roof cleaning system. 250 ft of 5/8 hose. 500 ft pressure washing hose. 200 ft water hose. 275 gallon buffer tank. 140 gallon mix tank. 2 25 gallon chem tanks. 1 65 gallon chem tank can be mounted in truck bed for big jobs. Delivan 5850 chem transfer pump.
  13. If I have a lot left over, I add fresh SH to it for the next roof cleaning. If there is a little (20 gal or less) I put it in my house and drive wash tank and use it for that.
  14. I wish I could use a water hose for the ground man all the time, but for some reason here in the Jacksonville area, the water pressure is too low to do so. I usually have to use one of my PW machines for the ground man.
  15. Cleaned up nice. Customer should be very happy.
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