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  1. What are you guys with the proportioners doing if the water at the house is bad. Are you filtering the water before you fill your tank, or just using it the way it is.

    We have some areas of terrible water around me. If it isn't full of iron, it's full of lime.  Either way, using this water in a mix will weaken it quickly, and leave spots on a house

  2. I have been using the pump from Northern this year. Only a couple months on it, but it is working good. A little more flow than the 5850, not as much as the fatboy. NO cycling of the pump. It does have a slow start, so you have to get used to that. Works good with tips that are used for the 5850, even throttling the valve on the wand down to get a very small spray works good with the pump.

  3. I run the 12 volt pumps. If you rinse them, and have good batteries and wiring, they will last. I have two seasons now on my pumps. If you are going to rinse roofs, get a booster pump. You can rinse roofs with the homeowners water, it they have really good pressure, but a booster pump will really help. Plus you can adjust the pressure to what you need.

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