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  1. Kleen Roofs
    Roof Cleaning Cadillac, MI

    Soft Wash Roof Cleaning is now being offered in the Cadillac, Lake City, Houghton lake area by Kleen Roof & Exterior. Roofs throughout the area are becoming infested with black streaks, moss and lichen. With our non-pressure, soft wash system, we safely clean roofs, and restore them to near new. No power washer is used to clean your roof. Doing so could lead to damage to the shingles by removing the granules.
    We have safely cleaned hundreds of roofs throughout west Michigan in the last 5 years, and now are expanding into the Cadillac, Lake City, Houghton Lake area.
    Visit our website at: kleenroofs.com to find out more about us.
    Or give us a call at: 616-914-9064
  2. Kleen Roofs
    Metal Roof Cleaning Cadillac, MI

    Kleen Roof & Exterior of Cadillac was contacted to perform a metal roof cleaning of this home on lake Mitchell in Cadillac. We use our non-pressure, soft wash system to clean not only metal roofs, but all roof types, and siding. The owners of this home were given incorrect information on how to clean their roof. They were told that it would need to be pressure washed. But, they knew that a pressure washer is not the best method for exterior cleaning. They found our website, and gave us a call. We took the time to explain to them what it is what we do, and how our soft wash system works. They were so happy when we were done cleaning their roof. They said it has never looked so good since it was installed.
    We also soft wash asphalt shingles, siding, and decks.
    If you have a need for a professional soft wash cleaning on your home, give us a call today. 616-914-9064
    or visit our website to find out more about out services.
  3. Kleen Roofs
    Cedar Shake siding cleaning Grand Rapids

    The owner of this home in Grand Rapids in the East Town area called Kleen Roof & Exterior to have a soft wash cleaning done on the cedar shake siding. This area of Grand Rapids is seeing a revival and these old houses are starting to be fixed up. The owner did not want to have a pressure washer used to clean this old cedar. We were able to clean it of all the moss, black mold, and years of dirt with our non-pressure soft wash.
    If you have cedar shake siding or roofing, and you would like it to look like new, give us a call at:616-914-9064
    Or visit our website to find out more about what we do.
  4. Kleen Roofs
    Roof Washing Cascade,MI

    We recently cleaned this homes roof in Cascade, MI. The home owner did not like the way his home was looking with all the black streaks on his roof. Nothing makes a beautiful home look terrible than having black streaks all over the roof. With a safe roof wash from Kleen Roof & Exterior, home owners no longer need to have a dirty roof.
    other services offered by us.
    House Washing
    Gutter Whitening
    Gutter Clean-out
    Cement Cleaning
    Deck Cleaning

    ​If you would like more information, please visit our website, and fill out our contact form. We will contact you shortly. Or give us a call at: 616-914-9064
  5. Kleen Roofs
    We recently cleaned this roof in Marne,MI. Marne is a great community located west of Grand Rapids, with many farms and open land.
    The owner of this home did not like the way the black streaks on his roof were making his home look. He contacted Kleen Roofs & Exteriors for a quote, and after talking with us signed up for a cleaning. With our non-pressure, soft wash system not only did we not have any problem cleaning his dirty roof, it was all cleaned without using a pressure washer. When we were done, all the algae was killed and removed from his roof, and there is no worry about it returning for years.
    When you hire Kleen Roofs & Exteriors for your roof or exterior cleaning needs, you can rest assured you are getting a local company. that cares about the service it provides, and will perform a professional job for you, and care for your property. We are a husband and wife team that takes care of every job. We do not send out employees that may not care as much about your home as we do.
    Nothing is more satisfying than providing the best service to our customers, and hearing how pleased they are with the roof cleaning or house washing we performed.
    If you would like to contact us, you can reach us at: 616-914-9064
    or visit our website at: kleenroofs.com and fill out the contact form, and we will get in touch with you.
  6. Kleen Roofs
    We recently cleaned this roof is Rockford, MI. The home owner called Kleen because they did not like how ugly their roof looked, and they were very concerned about what it was doing to the shingles. With our non-pressure, soft wash system, we safely removed the black streaks, moss and lichen that had taken over on the roof.
    If you have a dirty roof in Rockford, or the Greater Grand Rapids area, give us a call at: 616-914-9064
    Or visit our website to see all of our services we offer. Kleenroofs.com
  7. Kleen Roofs
    If you roof in Grand Rapids is covered with black stains and streaks, you need to know that is not a sign that your roofing shingles are worn out and need to be replaced. The stains are caused by algae called Gloeocapsa Magma that is growing and feeding on the shingles. This can safely be removed using our non-pressure, soft wash technique.
    These stains have caused many home owners in Grand Rapids to spend thousands of dollars having their roof replaced when they could have had it restored to like new condition for only a few hundred dollars. So before you contact a roofing contractor for an estimate, you should call us for a free evaluation to determine if the roof you already have can be restored. As for how a roof cleaning is done, we use a process where virtually no water pressure is applied in combination with professional strength roof cleansers that are specifically designed to eliminate the algae, without damage to the shingles.
    Our cleansers and the techniques we use will remove the black streaks and stains along with any dirt, moss or lichen that have accumulated on the shingles, leaving you with a beautiful roof and a whole lot of money in your pocket.
    Our safe non-pressure roof cleaning also protects your roof from damage that pressure washers can cause. So there is much less risk of damage involved than with traditional power washing equipment that some use on roofs. Exposing your home to less risk of damage while increasing value and saving money in the process are just a few of the advantages to hiring an experienced and certified non-pressure roof cleaning company such as Kleen Roofs to do the job.

    To sign up for a free evaluation of your roof, please visit our website and complete the form. Increasing the value of your home and saving money in the process are just a few of the advantages to hiring an experienced and certified non-pressure roof cleaning company such as Kleen Roofs to do the job.
    Or you may call us at: 616-914-9064
  8. Kleen Roofs
    Cedar Shake shingles add elegance and longevity to a homes roof. Keeping the shakes cleaned will help them last for many many years. Kleen Roofs uses a soft wash system to safely clean cedar shakes. We perform soft wash cleaning of Cedar shake Roofs throughout Michigan. Depending on what is growing on the shakes will determine what cleaning mixture we will need to use. Roofs that have been neglected for a long time will have moss and lichen growing on the shingles and need extra attention to clean. While pressure washing of cedar was the way to clean them in the past, with the advancements in chemicals it is no longer needed to blast away at the soft cedar with a pressure washer. Doing so will many times damage the wood. Our soft wash system does not use the high pressure to clean with. We use the proper chemicals for cleaning cedar. It may be that the cedar has turned black, or has moss and lichen growing.
    In any case, Kleen Roofs can properly care for your roof.
    Use our contact form to get in touch with us, or
    Call us today to have the elegance of your Cedar Shake roof returned. 616-914-9064
  9. Kleen Roofs
    We safely cleaned the asphalt shingles of these Office Condos using our non-pressure soft wash system. Kleen Roofs takes care of both residential and commercial roofs. Since Wyoming is a suburb on Grand Rapids it is in our service area which covers all of Western MI. Black Streaks had started to take over on these roofs, making the building look bad, and starting to ruin the shingles. Not only do we remove the black streaks, but we keep them from returning for years. Call Kleen Roofs Today if you own a commercial building that has a dirty roof. We can safely clean it, and return the great look of the building.

  10. Kleen Roofs
    Kleen Roofs safely cleaned this homes roof to remove the black streaks, moss and lichen that were taking up residence on the shingles. With our non-pressure, soft wash system there is no damage caused to the shingles, and the algae is killed, not just covered up, or blown off the roof like a pressure washing cleaning will do. We service all of West Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Grand Haven, St. Joseph, Kalamazoo, Ludington, Newaygo, Reed City, and anywhere else there is a dirty roof.
    We also offer:
    Metal Roof Cleaning
    Cedar Roof Cleaning
    Tile Roof CLeaning
    Vinyl Siding Cleaning

    Roof Cleaning By KLEEN
  11. Kleen Roofs
    Ugly Black Streaks on your roof getting you down ? This home in Caledonia was having it's curb appeal ruined by them. Kleen Roofs & Exteriors was called in to safely and effectively wash the shingles with our non-pressure, soft wash system. Our cleansers not only make the roof clean, but they also kill the algae growth, preventing it from being able to spread. You can call the rest, but when you want the best, call KLEEN today. 616-914-9064

    Other services we offer:
    *non-pressure exterior Siding cleaning, including vinyl, aluminum, stucco
    *Awning cleaning
    *Driveway cleaning
    *Deck Cleaning
    *Gutter cleaning/cleanout
    *rust stain removal
  12. Kleen Roofs
    Our Grand Rapids clients choose us over the others because we do business using the latest technology in non-pressure cleaning and our customer service cannot be beat.
    Grand Rapids Roof Cleaning
    Your Grand Rapids home may be the biggest investment you have, and maintaining it is an important part of protecting and preserving its value. One of the most important, but often overlooked facets of home maintenance is roof cleaning. The roof is one of the most expensive element of your homes exterior. Keeping the roof free of black streaks, moss and lichen will ensure that the shingles last as long as they were intended too. If you notice black streaks on your shingles then your roof could use a non-pressure cleaning. Those black streaks are a form of algae that will continue to grow and spread over the roof. The algae growth will allow moisture to be trapped on the shingle longer, providing a perfect environment for Lichen and moss to grow. Lichen is much more damaging to shingles than the black streaks, as they will remove the granules, and start feeding on the filler in the shingles. Moss will grow under the tabs of the shingles causing them to lift which can lead to water penetration or cracked shingles.
    Our non-pressure, soft wash roof cleaning process is safe for your shingles, and is the recommended way to clean a roof according to the American Roofing Manufacturers Association. KLEEN ROOFS has a 2 year warranty on roof cleaning. We know that our process is the best, and believe that true customer service means not using gimmicks such as offering a so called "limited" warranty that some companies do is the best way to treat our customers. These limited warranties are nothing more than a way to get you to call them back in 3-5 years, and end up paying them the same price as you originally did. We do offer a maintenance plan where we will treat your roof 3 years after, and then every other year after that for a fraction of the original cost. This will protect your roof from the return of the algae.
    So, while you are doing the spring cleaning around the home take a moment and look at your roof, does it have black streaks, or maybe moss and lichen have already begun to grow. Whatever the case may be KLEEN ROOFS has the expertise to safely and quickly clean your roof.
    Give KLEEN ROOFS a call at 616.914.9064 to set up a FREE quote for your roof cleaning. We can also be found on Facebook
  13. Kleen Roofs
    One of our customers left a testimonial on pinterest. Thought I would share it. It is always nice to hear that our customers are very happy with the service they receive from us. We really appreciate testimonials from our customers in Michigan. When we provide one of our non-pressure exterior cleaning services, be it a roof cleaning, siding wash, deck cleaning, awning cleaning, or cement cleaning we always make sure to give the best service and results that are possible. And nothing says we are doing a good job like a happy customer.
    You can read it on pinterest.
  14. Kleen Roofs
    Walker is a great suburb of Grand Rapids, MI. With the great school systems, bike trails, churches and millennium park, it is a great place to raise a family. Like many of the homes around Grand Rapids, the homes in Walker are also prone to having dirt and mold on the exterior. Kleen Roofs & Exteriors safely cleans vinyl, aluminum, wood, and cedar siding using our non-pressure, soft wash system. Leaving the exterior of your home once again looking great ! Vinyl siding is a durable, low-maintenance material that is both attractive and cost-efficient, which makes it a popular choice for the exteriors of homes. Despite it high durability, the siding on your home is exposed to the harsh effects of the elements, but periodic cleaning will help keep it looking great. To keep the exterior looking great for years to come, the siding should be cleaned at least once a year.
    This is a home in Walker that we safely washed the siding on with our non-pressure system. It had years of grime and dirt on it, and heavy mold growth on the area's that did not see much sun.

  15. Kleen Roofs
    with the warm weather we had Saturday, Kleen was able to get out and clean a roof infested with Lichen. The home owner informed me that he had the roof pressure washed 2 years ago. With our non-pressure, soft wash cleaning method the lichen WILL NOT return to the roof like it did on this one. Having your roof cleaned by a company that uses a pressure washer is not a good use of your money. It might look clean when they are done, but what will it look like in 1 year ? 2 years ? From the infestation on this roof it is apparent that the cleaning method used only took off the lichen, did not kill it. Their was also evidence of granules missing from the shingles that the pressure washer blasted off. If you have a dirty roof, and want it cleaned the correct way, by a company that knows how to do it, and do it safely, look for a company that is certified by the RCIA.( Roof Cleaning Institute of America )

  16. Kleen Roofs
    Don't let those ugly black streaks ruin the look and property value of your home !

    Most roofs in the Grand Rapids MI area have a rated life cycle of 30 to 40 years. However, when ugly black streaks are allowed
    to take over a roof, the roof does not live up to its full life cycle. Replacing roofs every 10 to 20 years just because they are dirty does not make good economic sense. You no longer need to put up with the embarrassment of an ugly roof for years until it’s time to re-roof. This irritating and ugly problem of roof stains is easily solved with the safe, non-pressure soft wash cleaning that Kleen Roofs & Exteriors provides. For just a fraction of the cost of a total roof replacement, Kleen can kill and remove the algae that is causing those ugly roof stains and keep them from recurring for up to 5 years (5 year limited warranty).

    Whether you are a home owner, property manager or board member managing a community association, condominiums, homeowner

    association, apartments, adult community, or commercial property, Kleen Roofs & Exteriors is the affordable solution to getting rid of those ugly roof stains once and for all. Kleen uses a non-pressure, soft wash cleaning method that works WITHOUT damaging the shingles as a cleaning with a pressure washer will. If you would like more information on what we can do for you, please visit our website, or give us a call at: 616-914-9064

    Kleen uses the same non-pressure method to gently clean siding, walkways, brickwork, fences and decks. So no matter what your exterior surface is, we can clean it safely.
  17. Kleen Roofs
    Kleen Roof & Exteriors

    Specializing in non-pressure, soft wash Roof Cleaning for asphalt shingles, tile, and cedar roofs. Our method of roof washing not only cleans the roof, but kills the mold, moss and lichen at the root where it grows, without damaging the roof.
    We also use a non-pressure, soft wash method to clean siding, decks, vinyl fencing, and awnings to kill and remove mold,mildew, dirt and bugs. We also wash other surfaces such as cement driveways and walkways, storefronts, boat docks and more, Utilizing both pressure and non-pressure cleaning methods.

  18. Kleen Roofs
    One way that homeowners can safe money on home maintenance costs is to have the roof cleaned regularly. According to professionals in the roofing industry, typical shingled roofs in Michigan last between 12-19 years.(these are 30-40 year shingles) If these same roofs are subject to moss and lichen growth the lifespan will be even shorter. By having the roof cleaned, the lifespan of the shingles will be more in line with what the shingle was designed to last. According to data collected by HomeAdvisor the average cost for roof replacement in Michigan is: $6607.00. The average cost to have a roof cleaned is: $428.00 If by having the roof cleaned every 4-6 years extends the life of the roof even just 10 more years,that will add up to a big savings. If you are noticing black streaks, moss or lichen on your roof, give us a call today. By taking care of your roof now, you will ensure a longer life for the shingles, and money in your pocket.

  19. Kleen Roofs
    Comstock Park Michigan is home to over 4500 homes. A majority of which suffer from having a dirty roof! If you are reading this, you may have black streaks, moss or lichen eating away at your roof. We are here to help you. Kleen Roofs is a local company that
    operates out of Grand Rapids, MI and is certified in non-pressure soft wash cleaning. The process we use to clean roofs is safe for the shingles. Rather than using a power washer, which can cause damage to the shingle, we use our soft wash system to apply a solution to the roof that attacks the bacteria, moss and lichen at their roots causing the invasive species to die and release their hold on the roof. Your roof will look like new again!

    Contact us today to book an appointment for your roof cleaning.
  20. Kleen Roofs
    You can't help but notice them. They seem to be on many of the roofs in the area. We are talking about the black streaks that look like stains on the roofs. The stains make the roof look so bad that many people think they need to replace their shingles. The good news is the shingles do not need to be replaced, they can be cleaned and the black streaks completely removed by our soft wash system that is safe for the roof and landscaping, and will give instant results. we do not use a pressure washer on the roof, doing so will dislodge the granules that protect the shingles from UV damage from the sun, leading to early failure.

    If you have a roof that is infested with black streaks, moss or lichen we can help. There is no reason you have to put up with a dirty roof that is ruining your curb appeal, and shortening the life of your roof.

    Kleen Roofs & Exteriors - The Professional Solution. !
  21. Kleen Roofs
    So you have black streaks on your roof. So what you say. Is it really causing any damage to my shingles ? We cleaned a roof that the homeowner noticed had black streaks starting to show up on his roof, he thought it was no big deal, just some dirt he thought. Well, it got worse and moss started to grow on the shingles. The homeowner gave us a call and we came out to to take a look at his roof. Upon closer inspection we found that the moss had actually started to grow under the shingles, lifting them up from the roof. this provides an easy access for moisture to migrate under the shingles, and start soaking into the roof sheathing. Moss acts like a sponge, soaking up water from the dew and rain and this is transferred under the shingles
    The reason the moss was able to begin growing on the roof was because of the black streaks ( gloeoscapa magma ) that was allowed to take hold on the roof. It is holding moisture on the roof longer, which in turn creates a environment that is great for both moss and lichen to grow.
    If you would like to get the most life out of your shingles, and not have to replace them early, or worse yet, have to replace rotted wood under the shingles, it is a smart financial decision to have your roof cleaned as soon as the black streaks appear.

    If you are concerned with what is on your roof give Kleen Roofs a call today. We will be glad to come out and inspect your roof and give you a quote for cleaning with our soft wash system that does not use any pressure washing to remove to black streaks, moss and lichen.

    We can be reached at : 616-914-9064

    You may also visit our site at: www.kleenroofs.com to find out more information.
  22. Kleen Roofs
    Kleen Roofs & Exteriors is West-Michigan's Leading Roof & Exterior Soft Washing service. We have personally cleaned hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Michigan. Chances are we have taken care of someone you know, or neighbor's
    exterior cleaning needs.

    Black streaks, moss and lichen on your roof not only ruin the curb appeal of your home, these infestations are doing real damage to your shingles. Kleen offers a safe and effective soft wash cleaning method that removes the unwanted guests from your roof. Our roof cleaning procedures and cleaning mixtures are properly formulated to safely kill and remove the algae, moss and lichen from the roof, leaving you with a clean roof that will not only increase the curb appeal of your home, but will help your roof last longer.

    Cascade, MI has wonderful neighborhoods that are heavily wooded. Because of this the homes are shaded and this helps in the growth of the algae on the roof. With a roof cleaning by Kleen costing a fraction of the cost of roof replacement, you no longer have to have a dirty roof.

    Call Kleen today for an estimate on your roof cleaning needs. (616) 914-9064
    Kleen Roofs is West-Michigan's Leading Roof & Exterior Soft Washing service. We have personally cleaned hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Michigan. Chances are we have taken care of someone you know, or neighbor's exterior cleaning needs.
    Trained, Insured, Clean-Cut, Trustworthy Technicians providing first class service!
    Visit our website for more information. www.kleenroofs.com
  23. Kleen Roofs
    There certainly are a lot of questions surrounding the topic of roof cleaning. Can you clean an asphalt shingled roof ? Can you clean a roof without harming the shingles ? What are the black streaks on my roof ? What will happen if I don't have my roof cleaned ?
    In many areas of the country roof algae ( Gloeocapsa Magma ) is becoming a major concern for homeowners. This type of algae needs three things to thrive. The right amount of sunlight ( or lack of sunlight ) a damp area, and food. Roofs have become a favored host for this algae because it offers everything needed.

    The algae feed on the crushed limestone that is used in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles. Limestone is used to keep the shingle flexible and also to help the fiberglass matting absorb the asphalt during production. North facing sections of roofs are the first areas that the algae become apparent. This is caused by the fact that it see's less sunlight, stays damp longer, and the food is there.

    Besides making a roof look very dirty and diminishing the home's curb appeal and value, what other damage is being done ? When the roof algae is not taken care of it prevents the shingles from reflecting the UV rays of the sun. Because the shingles cannot reflect heat from the sun, they start to fail prematurely. Signs of wear are curled corners, wavy or humped shingles, broke or loose shingles, and excessive amounts of granules from the shingles appearing in the gutters just to name a few.

    Most homeowners will notice and become concerned with the unsightly black streaks caused by the algae on their roof long before any serious damage is done.

    The good news is that shingles can be cleaned properly without harming the shingles. The major shingle manufacturers say so themselves. They even have guidelines and suggestions for the proper cleaning of asphalt shingles without harming them. The proper method includes a low pressure ( soft wash ) cleaner application followed by a light rinsing. This rinsing can either be done after the chemical application, or for better protection, the cleaner is allowed to dwell on the roof until a rain rinses the shingles. NOTE: Never allow a pressure washer to be used on your roof.

    Many roofs have been damaged by someone attempting to blast the algae off the shingles using a pressure washer. Doing this blows the protective granules off the shingles. Thus shortening the longevity of the roof.

    If you notice black streaks on your roof, or know someone else who is, don't loose hope and think you will need to spend thousands on a new roof. First give us a call and we access the situation with your roof for you.

    A proper roof cleaning can definitely safe you money.
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