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  1. The best thing may be to drop the hours they work in the other 6 months to a bare min. If they are employed, they cannot get unemployment. You can check to see if you would qualify as a seasonal employer, but I think 6 months is to long.
  2. Very nice. Would be great to get some shirts that don't bleach out the first day. Can I get the contact info also
  3. there is no way you will clean a copper roof that has patina, and keep the patina. Any type of cleaner will affect it.
  4. looks like your mix was real weak. It also looks like what I call brown scum on the roof. I think it is some type of algae, but does not show up until you spray the roof. this holds on to the shingles and will not fall off. It needs to be rinsed off.
  5. I would use Oxalic acid. F9 works, but expensive. I cleaned a roof with heavy rust stains and creosote, the oxalic did great. It will take a few times, but works. And, keep everything downstream wet. That way you will not have streaking on anything.
  6. What are you guys with the proportioners doing if the water at the house is bad. Are you filtering the water before you fill your tank, or just using it the way it is. We have some areas of terrible water around me. If it isn't full of iron, it's full of lime. Either way, using this water in a mix will weaken it quickly, and leave spots on a house
  7. Sprinklers. We always set sprinklers up on decks to keep them wet all the time. And, they are the last thing we pack up. Keeping the decks really wet stops this from happening.
  8. That roof is turning out great. It would be nice to see a cedar roof that is that black, but not totally covered with moss and lichen. Ours always have carpet on them
  9. I have been using the pump from Northern this year. Only a couple months on it, but it is working good. A little more flow than the 5850, not as much as the fatboy. NO cycling of the pump. It does have a slow start, so you have to get used to that. Works good with tips that are used for the 5850, even throttling the valve on the wand down to get a very small spray works good with the pump.
  10. If you are doing a house wash, cover all outlets, even if they have covers on them. They are not designed to keep water sprayed right at them out. Newer houses will have GFI outlets, but the water will ruin them.
  11. There are many, on these forums and those that aren't, that owe the beginnings of their business to Chris Tucker. He has done more than any person in this business to promote and share the soft wash way of cleaning roofs.
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