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  1. I left the FB group. Everyone just kept bashing my friggin pump. I didn't get anything answered that I actually went there for. My Zeta pump is absolutely made for roof cleaning, specifically designed and comprised of materials that withstand abrasive, caustics, and any other harsh or acidic fluids. Of course it has to be flushed and cleaned after every use, I'm ok with that. I also know that I will have to replace diaphragms quite often, I'm ok with that. I know that all my plumbing needs to be replaced with polyethylene components, I'm cool with that too. There's better ways to go about giving advice on inadequate equipment(some of those guys wrote books on inadequate equipment, their girlfriends told me) ohhhh zinger! Lol But seriously, I'll be just fine without FB and anything else. Adios, Buenos noches.
  2. I sent a request for the FB page you sent me and I'm awaiting approval. Here is more info on the pump. I just got off the phone with the company and they said I can absolutely clean roofs with my system as long as I regularly clean and maintain the equipment. I spoke with one business owner that has used the same system for a couple years with no issues. He changes his diaphragms every 3 months but the manufacturer recommend every 6-9 months. I just need approval on the FB page so I can repost my original post. Thanks for the help.
  3. Greetings and Salutations fellow non-pressure roof cleaners. I'm Jeremy Vining (pronounced Viking)and I'm trying to break into the Softwash and Exterior cleaning field. I've been inspecting roofs for storm damage and replacing them thru homeowners insurance for the past three and a half years. To keep this brief and to the point, I'll skip anymore background other than I'm a service connected disabled combat veteran, I was an Infantryman Paratrooper for 6 years in the 82nd Airborne Division. I just recently bought a brand new KingSprayer Softwash 50 gallon rig, 10 GPM, 150' of 3/8 hose. I'll post a pic. My question is as follows: What is the best way to utilize this skid rig to build up enough capital to buy the rest of the goods? (300 g tank, 100 g tank, more hose, proportioned, air compressor, heater, etc...) I'll be treating this as a side business for now but eventually go full time roof and exterior washing. I'm sick of selling roofs for someone else and I want my own baby to build, operate, grow, and be proud of. I know it can be done, but what's the best way to clean a roof with what I have available? Imagine you're me and you have my rig. You just arrived to a 35 square, medium pitch roof(not steeper than a average staircase), new flowerbeds on the left side where there are no gutters, HVAC on the right side with no gutters, flowerbed in front with gutters and downspouts on each left and right corner, an outdoor kitchen patio in the back with a pool and a stained wooden pergola in the backyard, gutters on the back with downspouts left and right corners. Gleocapsa Magma is the growth you're tackling all over the roof. Outdoor Water connection/spigots on the left and right sides. Anyone care to do a step by step?? Also, how do I bid the job? $0.25 a square foot? Thank you for your help and support! Happy to be starting a new adventure!
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