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  1. Derrick was a great guy to talk with, and he assured me that Dura Lock Roofs used a cheap glue and construction methods, one reason they ain't around anymore!
  2. Guys, this is where We (Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa) get OUR roof cleaning liability insurance from!
  3. For example, if you put information about contacts with potential customers into the system, then indicate at what stage negotiations with each of them are, carefully enter data on the results of negotiations and on transactions that have taken place, then in a good sales management system you can instantly get a “sales funnel” https://www.managemart.com/pool-care, and with the accumulation of some statistics, you can get the sales forecast that also depends on how intensively your managers have worked today.
  4. I like using it thick, like 2 to 3 - 44 ounce bottles to 100 gallons of mix. At that concentration, it really hides the smell better, but it will leave a film sometimes, on the roof.
  5. Check and see if there is a Univar Chemical close by. Ch will leave a white film on everything it touches. Doug Rucker can tell you about the nitemare he experienced usuing a powered bleach solution he purchased from AC.. Worst mistake he ever made. Borax and/or TSP will help your solution, but hard to dissolve unless you use hot water to mix with.
  6. Why do something “manually” if you can automate the whole process? A computer or automated system will do the work for you. Isn't it wonderful that you don’t have to do anything anymore - everything is done automatically! Time management is what any business needs. If you implement an automation https://www.managemart.com/cleaning program, it must have scheduling easy to figure out how to use.
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