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  1. Southern Maryland Roof Cleaning Selling or safely maintaining your home? If you are selling your house a good idea is to wash it! The GUTTERDOGS company has an affordable solution for you! If you are just maintaining the appearance of your home the answer is the same. Safe low to no pressure cleaning. Roof Cleaning What is roof cleaning? Some companies use pressure to clean the shingles. It is becoming well know, and for good reason, that pressure can damage the shingles. These companies hide the fact that they pressure wash your roof by calling it a low pressure rinse. GutterDogs offers a safe affordable no pressure roof cleaning service that provides results the same day. If you was to put your home on the market the day after you would have a new looking roof! About 10% of the cost to replace it! Siding wash and wax In addition to cleaning your roof with a safe no pressure method we can clean your siding as well. Pretty much the same cleaning but for siding we include a wax! The wax does 2 things. Creates a less pourus surface for the mold and dirt to stick to and helps to bring back the color of the siding! This cleaning, with the wax added, lasts longer! Sidewalk cleaning, Driveways, basement stairwells etc. We can also clean concrete. The method we use to clean concrete is safe for the creme. Creme is the top layer. The equipment we use is state of the art, and the cleaning is uniform and lasts longer than traditional pressure washing methods. Deck and Fence wash Yup we clean these too! Gutters and downspouts Yes we clean these too. We have a little secret to get the downspouts 100% clean. Dryer vent cleaning The number one cause for home fires. We even clean the flex pipe! Get it all done in one day! Deals given on combine jobs! Call 240-355-1110
  2. That is a huge reel! Oh and you are right about Titan's manifold eventually failing due to SH.
  3. That is a huge reel! Oh and you are right about Titan's manifold eventually failing due to SH.
  4. How do you add tags to a blog here?
  5. Greenville NC, I used to live in Morehead North Carolina! Alot of people dont know they can safely clean their roofs, I've seen some that were replaced. Too bad they didnt know they could have just gotten their roof cleaned, and saved much money.
  6. Do you live in Southern Maryland? Do you have those ugly black stains on your roof. Are you wondering if a roof cleaning might be an option to replacing the roof? Chances are very good, that roof cleaning is an option! We offer a safe non pressure method to clean your roof. The Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Assoc. and Owens Corning (roof shingle manufacturer) says, that there is only ONE way to wash shingles. That method is a NON pressure method. Even low pressure could cause damage. We service all of Southern Maryland. Give us a call today for a fast free estimate 240-355-1110 Please look at our website http://www.gutterdogs.com On our website.There are videos showing the immediate results and our method. We even have a couple video testimonials of actual customers! Their thoughts of the process, our professionalism, after the job was done. Still not convinced? We offer a 5 year no stain guarantee on complete roof cleanings! We have been cleaning roofs for well over 5 years now. We feel confident with our guarantee. Give us a call 240-355-1110 and we would be glad to answer any questions that you may have. We want you to make an educated decision. Here is a before picture of a roof cleaning we did in Lusby. This is after the roof cleaning. OK, so are you convinced yet? We are your premier Roof cleaning company is Southern Maryland! Here is that phone # again 240-355-1110
  7. Hey everyone! Mike from GutterDogs here! How is everyone doing? Should I put the words roof cleaning here for content? Or the fact that our main service area, by county, are PG Charles and Calvert counties here in Maryland? What do you like to work on when you are here? And is it just me, or is the premium section of this roof cleaning forum is the place to be?
  8. Good to be back! Yea, this place looks really good! If you had been gone for a while. What would the first thing you would work on?
  9. I can figure out a good bit my self, lol! .....how to navagate, and do what I want to do. .....This Is really different. It looks really good! I'm retarted. Lot of tools here If I Remember right,
  10. I feel new so gonna post here. Hope my signature is there. Name is Mike, I own gutterdogs.
  11. Got a dirty roof? Live in Calvert County Maryland. Give us a call. 240-355-1110 Gutterdogs are RCIA Certified Non Pressure Roof Cleaners, serving the greater Calvert County MD area. We have been fully trained and Certified in all phases of Shingle, Metal, and Cedar Roof Cleaning. We never, under any circumstances, use any form of Pressure Washing on any roof we clean. Here is a funny video we had made, that assures you of the total safety of our RCIA Certified, no pressure , roof cleaning process. Why should you get your roof cleaned by Gutterdogs in Calvert County Maryland? Well the obvious reason is the appearance of the roof. What you may not know, is that a non pressure roof cleaning helps your roof to last longer! How does keeping your roof clean in Calvert County Maryland, help it to last longer??? The black stains on your roof, and the moss and lichens, are eating away at your shingles granules,shortening the life of your roof. Why pay 10-15 thousand dollars for a roofing contractor in Calvert County to replace it, when for a fraction of the price of total replacement, you can easily maintain the integrity of your roof. Even have the roof possibly last past the warranty!
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