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  1. I paid $129 ten days ago and haven't been able to get in touch with anyone about certification. Please return my calls or respond to my emails. At this point, I feel like I donated $129 for nothing. Can anyone let me know how to get in touch please?
  2. It is efflorescence. You need to use an efflorescence remover. I've struggled to find one that works great without scrubbing. Good thing is efflorescence goes away over time. Usually within two years.
  3. I'm sure many of you already buy your SH this way but I just started. For the past several years, I have been buying my SH by the case. The local pool supply shop gave me a great deal @ $10.50/ 4 gallon case of 12.5% SH. I just recently asked about 55 gallon drums. Not only is it 2/3 the cost, it is 17% SH so I use a lot less. I use a 275 gallon holding tank. I buy 5 drums at a time and unload them all into the tank using a transfer pump. That way I get my $50 deposit for each back the same day. Now instead of having to individually pour the SH in the mix gallon by gallon, I just pump out what I need. Much quicker, cleaner, and cheaper. Never go back.
  4. Forgot to mention the price for the entire system is $1800 and can be ordered from PressureTek.
  5. I have been using the Fat Bandit soft wash system for roof cleaning and soft washing houses for several years. Great distance with 4.5 gal/min flow at 60psi. The pump usually lasts two seasons (300 jobs/season) but all the other equipment in the system is still original after 6 years use. The pump can be ordered pre wired for less that $400 and very easy to replace. Way better than the compressor pumps and transfer pumps i've used in the past.
  6. Im Shaun and I own an exterior cleaning company in the Toledo Ohio area. My company cleans about 150 roofs per year and I would like to become a premium member as I feel being able to display the RCIA logo would be a valuable asset. Can anybody advise me on how to proceed with this?
  7. I have been soft washing roofs for a few years now. My company has become one of the top exterior cleaning companies in the Toledo Ohio area in the 3 short years i've been in business. I feel it would be a valuable asset to be able to display an RCIA certified logo on my website and trucks. Is there still a way to become certified?
  8. For the past couple years I have been using the original "Apple Sauce" formula with nothing short of great results. It is rather costly with TSP and Borax in the mix so I decided to give Elemonator a try. Elemonator is a great product that can be purchased at PressureTek online. A 5 gallon bucket is $100 or so and covers about twenty-five 100 gallon mixtures. So on average about $4 per 100g as opposed to $20 or so with TSP and Borax. For roof cleaning I do a 20g 17%SH/80g H2O and 24oz. of Elemonator mix. One application does it every time. Its thick and has a really nice citrus smell.
  9. Hello. I have been cleaning roofs for a few years and have had good success doing so. Today I just landed my first cedar shingle job and was wondering if the solution I use is ok to use on such materials. I use 30/70 SH/H2O and slomo surfacant. If not, could sombody please let me know what I need to use? The job is this Thursday the 28th. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello all! I hope someone has the answer I am looking for. I have been cleaning roofs for a few years now and have had great success doing asphalt and slate roofs. Today I just landed my first cedar roof and just wondering if anyone knows the best solution for such materials. I currently use a 30:70 SH:water and slomo surfactant. Would that be ok to use on cedar? I hope to get some responses soon as we're scheduled for Monday the 25th. Thank you in advance!
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