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  1. Anyone soft washing come up with a good way to remove efflorescence? Got a really bad 20,000 sq ft building to clean and there is a lot of mold and mildew. It's never been cleaned and is approximately 20 years old. Soft washing would be quick and easy and most importantly fit there ridiculous low budget, but there is a lot of Efflorescence that will be left behind. I have successfully removed efflorescence by power washing and using a acidic cleaners and brushing off with steel wire brush but they will not pay for this service and would need a 30 foot lift. $$$ Just thought I would ask if anyone has ever found a way to remove it chemically that isn't to expensive?
  2. Did you use laundry detergent or soap? I am using a product called Cling from Pressure Wash USA that works well with no residue but will be trying Slo Mo to compare it to. It's expensive with shipping but works amazing.
  3. If it is a soap "alkaline" residue try some vinegar. What was your solution ratio, how much detergent to SH and how many gallons of water? From picture looks like I would spray some vinegar dwell a few minutes and rinse with water.
  4. Did a simple test today with just water and it pulls evenly enough and will be easy to meter down the SH side with just a valve and I can turn it off to flush out pump real quick. I have used up to a 1-4 ratio in the past and it works well but I have heard people running stronger and wanted to see if it would be quicker. Today with my air compressor set at 85psi I was able to spray 30 feet or so with a very large volume of water. I can see how this is going to be way faster and hopefully do a better job. Do you know approximately how many square feet per gallon of SH you are getting on average say on decks vs asphalt shingles. Ran into Walmart and they had 10% today I guess it's seasonal here so I got 4 gallons to play with on customers algae covered short side walk and small front porch.
  5. Yes sir. Going to try out the Yamada with my Northstar gas 30 gallon 24.4cfm air compressor. Can't remember spec's on Yamada but seems like it was 15gpm or so. I have a 120 gallon fresh water tank with auto fill and its in a 16' box truck so plenty of room. Big concern is carrying SH don't want any spilling and causing rust. On the inlet side of Yamada could I not just put in a Y and pull equal amounts of water and SH from a barrel and my fresh water tank? If hose's are equal length and pulling from same height wouldn't I get a near 50/50 solution? Approximately how much SH do you guys use a day? Like you said dedicated pump would be best just been using what I have had all these years and actually never had any issues but would save wear and tear on my expensive equipment.
  6. This is one of the Hydro Force Sprayers when using carpet cleaning rig. They come 1 to 8 mixture ratio but easily modified to 1 to 4 ratio which I use. But I think I will take some of y'all's ideas and build a dedicated soft wash sprayer I have a huge air compressor mounted in my box truck for a/c duct cleaning and auto detailing and have a brand new Yamada pump we were going to use at deer lease to transport water but now have a well. Anyway love this Fourm some great ideas on here. http://www.jondon.com/hydro-force-injection-sprayer.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvZPzx7_82QIVEp7ACh2mPQ79EAQYAiABEgJQvfD_BwE#tab-description
  7. Started hot water pressure washing in the early 90's, added carpet/upholstery steam cleaning around 1996 then added tile & grout cleaning in 2005 and guess been doing a generic version of soft washing since the beginning and just never knew it as that. Started spraying decks and privacy fences with SH with laundry detergent to give it some cling and have done about 20 roofs that way but been applying it totally different. Most of the time if I am cleaning carpet or tile I just used a HydroForce sprayer with straight bleach and dash of soap in tank it auto mixes 1 to 4 with water always turns out great and super easy to do. Carpet pump is 2.5 GPM and would spray at adjust down to 500-600psi. If pressure washing I just use a XJET, my rig is 8gpm at 4000psi but XJET runs about 600psi and shoots close to 50 feet or so not sure ratio but burns through SH fast. Never thought of just soft washing but would be a lot easier and equipment would be easy and cheap compared to what I have been doing. Getting older so this is a great idea and service. May have some questions here soon and if anyone needs help with steam cleaners I have bought and built several and would be happy to advise. My name is Don and here is a version ofwhat I have been using. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ORIGINAL-XJETM5-X-JETM5-16-PRESSURE-WASHER-VARIABLE-SPRAY-NOZZLE-SOFTWASH-KIT/282839247141?hash=item41da886925:g:bU0AAOSw8W5ae0co
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