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  1. Here's page 1 with the ingredients. There's 5 other pages if needed.
  2. Well, that settles that. Yes, it works fantastic on gutters! By definition I thought it had a chance to do what I needed it to do. Can I ask why it's not a surfactant? It foams up, lowers the surface tension and it's got to have a higher gravity so based on my ignorance, I simply do not understanding why it wouldn't work. Obviously, I'm missing something. Can you please explain? Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi there! New member here and normally when I'm on large forums like this, I can find what I need without cluttering up the place with more new topics. I couldn't find the information I'm looking for by searching which brings me to my question... How do you know if a surfactant is chlorine stable or not? I have cases and cases of 64oz LA's Totally Awesome degreaser and would like to utilize that, but I'm worried it will compromise the SH mix if it's not chlorine stable. Thanks in advance for the help! Levi
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