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  1. Custom built 6 ft drop in for a pickup truck. This system includes a hot water Hydrotek pressure washer with stainless steel frame, 3- 12” electric hose reels, RHG RO/DI water purification system and a 12v soft wash system with Pro-Portioner. Call today for your quote on one of these custom built skids. 717-378-2276. Power Wash Store PA Soft Washing Skid
  2. This mini skid has a 1/2" Yamada, air diaphragm pump, wheel barrel air compressor w/ remote 3 gal fuel tank, Pro-Portioner, 2-7 gal soap tanks, 2-55 gal soap tanks, Tsunami air dryer and a water/moisture separator for the air compressor. All of this on a 40" x 44" skid that can be mounted to a truck, or trailer and is easily moveable with a fork truck. Call for pricing. 717-378-2276 Air Diaphragm mini skid 717-378-2276
  3. Hello I am Eric with Power Wash Store of Central PA. I am also a working contractor in my washing business, Liberty SoftWash. I met Chris over 10 years ago at a Tampa event and learned how to clean roofs. After starting with roofs, we expanded our business and soon became a full service exterior cleaning contractor offering everything from roof cleaning to commercial building washing. We began working with the owner of Power Wash Store, Paul about 5 years ago when I contracted with him to build our first drop in skid, which was a game changer. At the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to become a Power Wash Store franchise owner and jumped at the opportunity to be part of selling the top quality equipment from the Power Wash Store. Feel free to contact me or Lisa with any question you may have about equipment, chemicals or cleaning techniques. Thank you. 717-378-2276 store, 717-324-4208 cell phone
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