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  1. Home Advisor helped us double our business in just two years. I like the fact that I don't have to respond to a lead if I don't want to. I know I pay for them, but that is a small cost compared to other lead generation schemes. I quickly learned how to capitalize on the leads and I close 90+% of the leads I choose to act on. Compared to other lead generation programs, HA has provided us with top quality leads and clients over the years I have used them. Roy dos Santos Elite Property Maintenance Chattanooga,
  2. We will blow out the gutters if possible, but when it is not possible, we use ladders and gutter spoons (from jracenstein). We charge $100 minimum and include up to 100 linear feet. Additional gutters are added at .75 per foot. Roy dos Santos Elite Property Maintenance Chattanooga, TN
  3. A great site to measure area is www.findlotsize.com. It is a free site for area and distance measurements. Only trouble is that overhead pics are taken in the summer so trees sometimes overshadow the view.
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