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  1. Where can i get those green run off hoses?? I cant find them that long anywhere.
  2. Lol dude I have not even started yet. I have yet to do even one job. Hell I don't even have my website up or an LLC registered. I'm basically just trying to get prepared so that I can hit the ground running come Spring. Bet your bottom dollar...I will be on that list by the end of Fall;)
  3. Update on this. I found a guy who is putting these together in his spare time. Lot of good reviews seem to be coming in for them so I pulled the trigger and ordered one. If anyone is looking for a budget Proportioner you can find this guy on FB, under the group Pro-Mixalot-V2. $250 shipped.
  4. Yes I guess I will see. Since I don't even have my equipment ordered yet it's still just a goal/dream. Hopefully come Spring I'll be able to hit the ground running though. I have door hangers ordered. Hopefully that and a lot of cold calling and good old fashioned door knocking will get me started. Thanks!
  5. Thank you i just saw this! Those chemline valves seem to be the majority of the expense at least parts wise.
  6. Damn $30?! Thats dirt cheap man. Seems to me if one is going to focus mostly on roof cleaning, a proportioner would be a huge time saver, and a must down the road. I talked to an older gentlemen at PWP as well, and he surprisingly seemed opposed to using any kind of proportioned system. He had some good opinions on why he thought this way, but the benefits to me are still pretty appealing.
  7. I really like the idea of having a proportioner attached to a soft wash unit. The only one I can find is the "pro-portioner" and there is no way I'm dropping that kind of money for something that I could probably build myself if I REALLY tried to. Is there anyone that sells these at a reasonable price here? I understand the metering valves are quite expensive and there is some calibration and cost involved... but $1,2000??
  8. I am looking forward to trying this too. Do you guys mix a higher amount(slo-mo) for roofs than say vinyl siding? Also can you leave slo mo mixed in with SH indefinitely or does it loose it's effectiveness? I only ask because i have seen videos of guys mixing their surfactant ridiculously thick while cleaning roofs, to the point it looks like a bubble bath.
  9. Thank you for the response. If you don't mind me asking...If you primarily do roofs why would the importance of the bigger 8gpm outweigh that of the more expensive chem pump That would actually do the roof cleaning. I just figured the flat work would come secondary. Also I realized that you can get a stronger mix with the 4gpm downstream if you had to use it for a exterior soft wash back up you could. I'm here to learn so thank you for any further advice.
  10. Thanks for the input CAP! I'm not 100% sure but the pw I have my eye on at PWP was under the belt drive section (Pressure pro). I saw it had a standard hose hookup so that's definitely something to consider, and it would free up much needed room on my 6x12 trailer for the 17gpm all-flo chem pump and two 100 gal tanks i want. I wanted to keep some kind of pw unit available to do flat work if a customer does request it. I already have an m5 xjet, but would probably just ds if I needed a backup method to clean exteriors.
  11. I have a 225gal buffer tank which I originally had planned to connect to a 8gpm pw unit. My focus has now shifted towards investing more into the soft wash chemical pump unit, and to instead go with a smaller 4gpm/4000psi pw unit instead. I have everything coming off the bulkhead 1.5" fittings including a 1.5" Banjo Y strainer. My question is can I still use this plumbing with the 4gpm unit without causing any problems or damage as long as I use 1" non collapsible hose to attach everything to the inlet of the pump?
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