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  1. Definitely will not clean the roof as well as SH, but it did wonders on this fence. Rinsed with garden hose pressure.
  2. https://www.washsafe.com/collections/roof/products/roof-wash. Stuff works decent on my fence and brick. Hydrogen peroxide base it claims.
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Jonathan, and I live in Conway Arkansas. Starting, or have started I should say an exterior cleaning and restoration business here(Focusing on the roof), and cleaning other exteriors as client requests. Trying to perform my services by using natural or bleach free solutions of which I have had some success, but trial and error period is just a part of it! Regardless I realized this is the place to be for info, feedback, and ideas. Thanks!
  4. Posted this under softwash thread earlier, meant to put it here This is my first post/topic and I am sure that there are a million posts that dig deeper and deeper into my question. I’m starting or have begun an exterior restoration business, naturally with the cleaning of the roof and it’s black streaks being the push. I have been trying “Redihans Wash Safe” products. I have seen some good results, but I am just hoping for some feedback or products that work best for you all. My goal is to be able to clean and restore an exterior of a property with a single solution. This Wash Safe Supreme I have been using does do well, but it just doesn’t seem strong enough. Just looking for some help as I feel like I’m paying for overpriced OxyClean. Thoughts?
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