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  1. Anyone know how much it runs? I am a one person show right now
  2. Hey he he still in business ?? I know it's a old thread
  3. Nice that thing is going to be a beast....
  4. You still using the 12v 5850 ?? Or did you find another pump u like?? I just got the fat boy from bob, maybe I will buy the 5850 for a back up
  5. Yeah just found one close by might go check them out next weeks thanks...
  6. From what I have read you have to hit it with a strong roof mix and let it dewell ... and when the moss dies the rain should wash all the moss out ,, don’t quote me on it I am a newbie too.. and when I mean dewell I mean for a couple days , make sure no rain in the forecast ..
  7. Do you have a part number for those street 45’s ??? Are you using stainless steel 45?
  8. Thanks my plan is to become a premium member..how will that work? I know it go’s yearly fee , but is that from when you pay or every January ?
  9. Hello guys my name is Justin , live in Newport News , Virginia owner and operator of coastline power wash.. been washing house for a year now . I have miss a couple bids because I could not wash the roof on some of the houses so that’s why I am here.. building my trailer this winter so I can start strong next spring.. if any one knows of some must read treads please let me know which ones i should defiantly read, also I don’t mine paying for this membeship and hopefully become ceritified
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