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  1. I'll send a photo later, but this was an old lawn care truck. It has three large tanks properly mounted - two 325 gallon tanks and one 250 gallon tank. I figure one for water, one for bleach...maybe set up a proportioner for straight roof application without a mix tank? And the third tank may be for gypsum/lime solution...though I read recently that you're not in the gypsum camp
  2. Awesome, good to know and thank you for helping me sort this out
  3. Is there any reason that I cannot rinse with the all-flow? Are you more concerned about plumbing? Is it just a simpler plumbing job with the two systems?
  4. I was planning on metering down the flow if necessary. But higher flow rate for rinsing house washes would be great. And right now, anything would be better than my delavan fatboy setup. It's all about twice the (properly performed) work in half the time, right?
  5. Before I purchased this truck, I did invest in the 12gpm All Flo Diaphragm pump - which runs off an air compressor. Should I just continue down that route and not "experiment"?
  6. After 6 years, I'm looking to go exclusively house/roof wash with SH - and put the windows/gutters behind me. I am also strongly considering learning how to clean/treat cedar roofs. I have surface cleaners and a 10gpm pressure washer now, but the 24gpm flow has me very intrigued. The truck I have has everything in place to mount PTO pumps, So I figure I'll look into this possible setup and save a lot of money for a more efficient system if possible.
  7. I’ve picked up a decommissioned lawncare box truck that has a PTO shaft with pulleys that used to drive sprayer pumps. The pumps are gone and from what I’ve read, they use Hydra-cel 25 pumps that were “roundup ready” and cost about $ 3,500 brand new. I saw these Delavan Diamond SS pumps for $389 - Viton seals. http://www.sprayerdepot.com/Sh…/Delavan-Roller-Pumps/8900DSS Should I go this route? Rather have two of these pumps for $700 instead of two $5000 pressure washers I do plan on installing a pressure relief valve to bypass the hose while I’m not spraying ...though any recommendation on how to set this up inline to return to the tank? Thank you!
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