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  1. Im switching to metering valves this year, the pros outweigh the cons so much its not even funny! Cant believe I waited so long
  2. Typically with house washing we are downstreaming with a 4gpm, I have even done a 3 story walkup with the 4gpm and a long wand it barely reached but got the job done none the less, I'm thinking these guys using ladders will shoot themselves in the foot when they find how much time they are wasting with ladders.
  3. January and February is a good time to recalibrate and recharge for the busy season, dial in your equipment make upgrades if needed and get ready to kill it
  4. Thanks for the forum. soft washing and Christmas light installation. If anyone ever has any questions please feel free to PM myself. -rich
  5. Hey Guys, Been a member for just about a year but I have just been following, reading and studying about roof cleaning. I am confident now I can perform the service to the standards of the RCIA and just wanted to say hi as this is my first post
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