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  1. Hey folks just wondering if anyone has ever used roof scope X or iRoofing Services to measure a roof by Satellite for finding out the number of roofing Squares for Accurate pricing?
  2. Check out PWP http://shop.pressurewasherproducts.com Lori is very helpful!
  3. Good News! 2016 Leonard enclosed trailer w/ hot water pressure washer setup. The tandem axle trailer brand new from a Leonard in 2016. It has been equipped as follows for pressure washing / softwashing / roof cleaning business. -Trailer is wired for AC shore power and an on-board inverter that powers a second set of AC outlets. -New vinyl flooring was glued down to floor. -Walls and ceiling painted with an exterior white paint -Largo hot water pressure washer skid puts out 5.6gpm hot or cold at 3850psi. 348 hours on the Honda GX630 engine with no problems. -Two IBC 275 totes are mounted to the trailer. The front tote carries 275 gallons of water and has two float valves installed- one to maintain the tank at only 60 gallons of water inside and the other to keep it full. The Largo is plumbed directly to the tank. The back IBC tote has the top removed and is used as a containment vessel for mixing cleaning soaps. -Overflow pipe dumps straight through floor to pavement. -Pressure hose is plumbed with both upstream and downstream injectors. -3 hose reels: 3/4"x150' supply hose, 3/8"x250' non-marking pressure hose, 1/2"x300' yellow braided vinyl roof cleaning hose. -Workbench mounted to trailer allows storage of three 55-gal drums underneath. -Loads of other storage space for and organizers -10 gallon air compressor with 100' air hose on hose reel hung on wall -Tool chest with drawers for misc tools. -Trailer has 4-wheel brakes, dual 3500# axles, mag wheels, radial tires, and is in overall great condition. -Interior height is 6'6" -Trailer is equipped with 10 amber and white Code-3 LED3 flashing lightheads powered by a Whelen LED flasher that features programmable flash patterns. . Over all in great condition. My plan is to move all the equipment into my Step Van and keep the trailer for other use. I will become a paid member to this site next Tuesday! I am looking forward to learning from you all! Dan
  4. Welcome Zach , I am also new to this site, I'm joining as a i'm joining as a premium member next month I'm in the process of building my truck buying equipment and learning about roof cleaning. I hope that we can get network I live up in North Carolina in the Pittsboro area, I love this site and all the folks thst generously offer information on how to help.
  5. Will do my friend! The truck drives great but does not have a turbo on it so it's not very fast. However it gets 16 miles to the gallon with the top speed of about 60 miles an hour . I was talking to a guy the other day and he said he could put a turbo on it for about 600 bucks but I'm not sure that I really need to go much faster than that to get anywhere south it's got a lot of torque lotta power.
  6. This is the truck this is the step Van , as soon as the snow melts I'll post interior shots.
  7. The driver and passenger cab area is sealed off by a solid sliding door.
  8. First let me say Thank You in advance to everyone that posts on this form I really appreciate all the knowledge everyone shares it is truly a blessing! I purchased a Frito-Lay, potato chip truck with a diesel V8 automatic transmission , runs like a top all aluminum 25 feet bumper-to-bumper with a usable cargo space of 18 1/2 feet long by 7 1/2 feet wide interior space. My intentions are to turn the vehicle into a Residential/ Commercial Roof Cleaning, Hot/Cold pressure washing , surface cleaning , soft washing and window cleaning vehicleI. I am adding a bathroom with a sink for when nature calls . I'd like some help with the equipment and layout for the Roof Cleaning, I am on a tight budget so putting a system together on the cheep is fine by me. I am in the process of purchasing all the pressure washing equipment from a guy that has to get out of the business due to health. incidentally underneath the truck there's two spaces on each side that are approximately 38" x 10' long that I can mount water tanks generators or anything underneath the truck that will fit in that space. I'd be interested in any anybody's feedback and if anybody else is done this ? I have been working in the PW, WW for 2-1/2 years and now going into business for my self. thank you so much. My email is avpsnc@gmail.com
  9. Thank you! Do you have a link I can check out the outlaw systems at ?
  10. Hello, my name is Dan and I have been working in the pressure washing, surface cleaning and window cleaning business for 2 1/2 years for a friends company . I am now working on building my own system And looking for help building a roof cleaning system that's affordable . Money is tight so any help would be appreciated and paid forward in the future . I am an U.S Army veteran
  11. Hey folks I am so happy I  found this site. I am hoping to find help here setting up  A roof cleaning system affordably. I need detailed information on laying out the equipment,what to buy where to buy etc. I am trying to be up and running by the spring.  Your help would be much appreciated! 



    1. AVPSNC


      This a picture of the 1998 step van that was  previously a Frito-Lay truck with a 350 diesel motor automatic transmission. I'll post more info soon. 


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