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  1. Old thread, but it looks like I'll be keeping it alive for now, lol. I'm looking into putting together a small softwash system. I'd like to use my existing compressor, which is a rolair 9hp 175psi 20cfm unit, and just buy an air diaphragm system that I can plug my airline into and go. I saw the Outlaw-Mini and it seemed to be exactly what I'm looking for, but it also did not seem like it was getting a lot of distance. I'm not necessarily looking for a big $4k setup at the moment, as the season for this line of work is closing soon in my region (Illinois), but I do have existing customers that I have done other work for inquire about this service and they are looking to have it done soon so I figured I'll get something small started now and build it bigger for next year if it's not enough. Thoughts?
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