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  1. Gimmick. I Used copper sulfate on a few roofs when I started out. It works, but has to be reapplied every year (at least here in BC) SH is far superior.
  2. I can't help, never done anything like that...but I'd like to see the answers from some of the old timers.
  3. My current boots are crappy gumboots, and the soles are starting to give away. Today I wore my sneakers on the roof for the traction. My employee aksed why i was not wearing my boots, "I\'d rather risk wet feet than dying", and tho careful i tried to be, I still got my feet drenched...heres hoping they are not hamburger tomorrow. shoulda put them in garbage bags. What footwear do you guys wear? I m considering this pair https://www.marks.com/en/categories/footwear/mens-safety/rubber-boots/product/mens-15-rubber-boots-non-safety-100252.html#100252=BLACK But I am not sure
  4. Hi all, Wondering if there are any benefits to being a premium member / getting certified if i am in Canada - (Vancouver). Are there any other Canadians certified? I have so far appreciated the free portion of the site and am interested in the premium part. Someone talk me into it! EDIT OK I talked myself into it! Off to the premium section
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