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  1. Hi, Everybody. Sorry for the long winded post. Tod from Jersey Shore Gutter Cleaning in New Jersey (of course). So this year we added roof cleaning, soft washing / power washing services to our existing gutter cleaning business. So we just put together our first rig. So I checked out & did research on all the top vendors / suppliers. I called and personally talked to a few of them on the phone. So I decided to buy everything from Lori at PWP Pressure Washer Products. After my first conversation talking to her i felt comfortable & confident with her knowledge and felt PWP was the best fit to be the supplier for my company. The experience i had dealing with Lori was truly amazing to say the least (and im pretty picky). From beginning to end she went over and above my expectations. Her communication & customer service were awesome. Many times she would be texting with me till 10 PM and even on Saturdays & Sundays making sure my order was correct and answering any & all of my questions or concerns about my design, set-up etc. PWP also had the best prices even though prices were not the most important issue for me. And even long after my order her support & service continued as she helped me with questions about putting everything together and even texting me design & set up pictures & diagrams. I want to also mention to take everything your read online with a grain of salt. You really have to find the right fit for you personally. And that might be different than someone else. For example with my own experience, after i searched around all the different forums there was a certain popular power washing vendor / supplier (i wont name) that everyone made out to be a god so i thought for sure i would be buying from that company (even my brothers business buys from him). But when i called and spoke to him personally i really wasn't impressed at all and actually i didn't really get along with him. And the opposite was true about Lori at PWP. I heard a couple of negative reviews but after talking to her personally i got along great with her and felt more than comfortable & confident. So she was the best fit for me & my company. She definitely delivered and i know i made the right choice. Hope this helps someone when deciding which vendor to deal with. And again sorry for the long post. But i feel this is important. And If you read this Lori YOU ROCK! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! Tod Foltyn Jersey Shore Gutter Cleaning Toms River, NJ 08754
  2. Hey Kevin, im still deciding on a chemical hose reel for my trailer build. can you tell me if you can get a regular normal size manifoldless reel from haney? it needs to fit 200 feet of 3/4 inch hose. and can you get me dimensions so i can make sure & see if it will fit on my trailer? i contacted hannay and they told me that they cannot make a regular normal size manifoldless reel that will fit 200 feet of 3/4 inch hose. they said to fit that size & length hose that the reel has to be a giant one like the big red one in your video. and that size reel won't fit on my trailer. do you know if this is the case or not? thank you. PS i can't PM you on this site for some reason it's not working. so that's why i posted here
  3. yeah i contacted fluidall they are the makers of the tote-a-lube tanks and they said they changed the design and the new tanks now have stainless steel threads and they no longer make them with plastic threads. they called it an "upgrade". i told them it's not an up grade for roof cleaners lol.
  4. for the tote-a-lube stackable tanks i think they come with metal threads in the lower hole. so do you replace this with something that's is chem resistant ? and if so how do you do that ? thanks
  5. hey Kevin can you give me a price on a couple of manual rewind hannay manifoldless hose reels. i need one for 200-300 feet of 3/4 inch chem hose for roof cleaning. and i need one for 250-300 feet of 1/2 inch pressure washing hose. do they only come in powder coat ? or can you get aluminum or stainless ? also can you give me a price on a garden hose feed reel too. thanks.
  6. my question is does anyone make a "manifold less" reel that is rated above 100 psi ? because hannay said the ones with the cpvc swivels are only rated for 100 psi and they said their 3000 psi reels have stainless steel swivels. so i'm just wondering what everyone is using for their power washing machines ?
  7. does anyone make a reel like this for the high pressure washer hoses or do they only make them for the low pressure roof cleaning chemical hoses ?
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome Chris. no i haven't cleaned either of their gutters. i've worked near Springsteens house in the city of Holmdel it's the next county over from me. Bon Jovi lives a little further up north. Hey if it's ok id like to speak with you about putting my roof washing rig together what's the best way to contact you ? and do i need to become a premium member first in order to contact you ? thanks
  9. are these hose reels still available ? how & where can i get one ? thanks
  10. Hi everybody, glad to be here. Im Tod Foltyn owner of Jersey Shore Gutter Cleaning LLC here in Toms River, NJ. We are adding roof washing & power washing to our services this year and im looking forward to being a part of this community. I hope to learn as much as possible from the experienced & knowledgeable veterans and i also hope i can add value and help others in any way possible in return.
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