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  1. Agree. Gutter cleaning can lead to much more work! I've lost track of how many pressure washing jobs I've cleaned up on with the gutters being the original request. Can hardly believe how fast this year is flying by!!! Mike
  2. A solenoid switch will save you a ton of headache. Instead of the pumps pressure switch having to carry the load of the pump, it will only be carrying the load which the solenoid needs to energize the load circuit which powers the pump. I've been running a Ford starter solenoid on my electric rewind hose reel for 15 years now and not one single component has failed. Mike
  3. F-13 here too. If caught in a pinch, spray nine works good too however, you better be fast with rinsing. Otherwise, the paint is toast... If the substrate below the gutters is brick and no plants/bushes within the area, I simply spray the same roof mix with a quick, misting application and rinse with a hose... Mike
  4. Neat idea! I watched a couple videos of these last fall. In some cases, it appeared as though a mini blizzard had smacked the side of the house.... Mike
  5. Cool deal. I built a similar setup last year. I do a lot of short but long retaining walls. I combined 2 Senco compressors together and for low volume spraying, they work great! They run much quieter than a larger compressor and if one goes down, I can still work with the other. I ran a slightly more complex delivery system with dual regulators so I can run two seperate spray guns simultaneously without the need to keep adjusting a single regulator for multiple spraying tasks. I too added a small 1 gallon auxiliary tank for more cfm which really comes in handy when flushing out the lines with a wide open valve. I run a large RV battery in my trailer which powers a 3000w inverter supplying a 20a breaker. With each compressor only drawing 4a, it works great. Obviously, this isn't ideal for large spraying jobs. For those tasks, I run the Bandit... For the low volume spraying jobs which have a lot of vegetation which needs to be protected, the single/tandem small compressors work great running my flojet pump. Similar to the Outlaw system but with 2 compressors rather than just one. Mike
  6. I have a Rubber Queen Diamond pattern rubber mat in mine. It's 15 yrs old now and still looks excellent. Mike
  7. Just a shot in the dark, Sounds almost like not enough air flow making it to the pump. Mike
  8. Hey Ted, I haven't tried one yet. On one of my trigger guns I have a 4" brass extension then the quick coupler for the J-Rod. I run a sleuth of J-Rods with nozzles ranging from 10's for low pressure cleaning through 40's for low/high pressure cleaning. Simply choose the J-Rod which best suits the task at hand and let the juice fly.... I do plan on purchasing a shooter tip though! Mike
  9. It's amazing how far you can shoot the chem mix with the right equipment. Using a small 4gpm belt drive machine and with a slight breeze, I was able to shoot the mix all the way to the top of the end peaks of a 3 story brick home. It was actually going beyond the top of the peaks with the auto throttle set at 3/4 throttle. Mike
  10. The black stains on a roof is an algae! Gloeocapsa Magma, and no, it alone won't damage the shingles. The granules are generally ceramic so, the algae won't damage them... The gloeocapsa magma helps create an environment for the lichen and Moss and that's what damages the roof. Telling customers that the black stains are damaging the roof is misleading! Informing them that the black algae will detract from their curb appeal and can create an environment for the lichen and Moss which will cause damage is the more proper way to explain what's going on. Yes, the black algae can cause a roof to run hotter especially in the summer which may shorten the life span of a roof however, that would only be a slight amount and even so, it's speculation.... I know of no testing which could definitely prove or disprove the notion. Mike
  11. Wow, if we can get the stuff like "King" syrup, that would be awesome. Of course, applying it would be a real pita.... Mike
  12. Excellent deal Ted.... I'm gonna have to give it a try. We've got some really steep roofs around here and the Bandit loves throwing the mix like there's no tomorrow. Mike
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