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  1. Hi to all, First I would like to let you guys know I never, ever encountered a passionate forum and members that truly want to help each other in any other forums that I visited. Second, my name is Robson, 56, Charlotte, NC. I do speak three languages (Brazilian Portuguese – born language, Spanish and English). I am a new forum member almost ready to become a premium one. At my age beside been in a good shape, I find myself, completely unable to find meaningful employment around Charlotte. 2017 will be to change my future...knowing full well that future means creating my own future which has led me to roof/awning/building soft washing - after searched for all of viable and realistic options. I thrive in an environment where no two work days are exactly the same (sign/awning installer, mobile auto detailing and awning cleaning) and moving to roof cleaning seems logical, profitable and fun. I have much to learn, but know my hands on installation and cleaning experiences will help achieve it. My goals are to get better in marketing and branding my company, get trained in roof cleaning and move to Orlando, FL.- by June 17! Last year I opened www.masternance.com (I did create the site and I’ll be changing it to include the roof soft wash service) but I didn’t promoted or start work yet. To finalize this long introduction and to make sure this is the right direction, I would like to ask: am I doing the right thing by get into the roof cleaning business? Thank you guys. Robson PS. I’m so glad to have found this forum!
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