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  1. Thanks I have been learning a lot from other forms and other contractors in the area. I plan on learning as much as possible. Im not one to be a know it all but i do like to learn from everybody. I have a lot of years of business experience running a kitchen exhaust cleaning company for the last 14 years so atleast learning how to run a business won't be much of a transition. Im looking forward to being a participating member...
  2. I have been hood cleaning my entire life basically. That is my background. I relocated to Florida and decided to not start another hood cleaning company. I would be glad to help anyone looking to get into the industry. Just let me know.
  3. Thanks for the reply.. I know you offer the paid group for members only do you suggest this for someone like me that understands a lot about the industry but is having trouble with building my first rig. I understand a lot of the process the mixes and the equipment but need a lot of help with how to build my first rig. I have already purchased a trailer just waiting to put equipment on it.
  4. Hello everyone I wanted to introduce myself. I am located in Florida and have been looking to get into the soft washing / roof cleaning business for about a year now. I have worked with a couple different companies in Florida but mostly have experience pressure washing. By this I mean surface cleaning, down streaming exteriors, cages, and basic residential work. I am interested in learning more and have done a lot of research in the last year. I am to the stages of building my first soft washing setup and wanted to get more advice before I purchased all my equipment. I am looking to either get into a air diaphragm pump or even a gas engine with a comet pump attached to it. I am looking forward to learning more. Ty Florida Exteriors
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