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  1. Sometimes I use my Rocky water boots when I'm on low pitch roofs but most time I use the cheap brown waterproof caterpillar boots(black rubber) from wally world...After ruinning my high dollar vibram soled North Face boots I found these have better traction and last just as long...They just won't keep your feet dry for more than 2-3 months....SH breaks down the waterproofing.
  2. Lots of good information on this thread.... FWIW we run a water seperator and removed the muffler after the first "ice-up" and haven't had an issue with it since...we run a 1/2 All-Flo and any moisture blows right out out instead of being trapped inside behind the muffler.
  3. Great job on that brick, It cleaned up very nice! We use our roof cleaning set-up to clean(soft wash) everything. We started out cleaning all exterior surfaces because it was hard to get enough roof cleaning jobs to make any money. We are now picking up more and more roofs! We have been able to sucessfully network with several area realtors and show them what we can do with a shingle roof. Soon we will transition, re-brand, to only roof and commercial exteriors, normally stucco and concrete around here. We will still clean vinyl and occasionally some concrete but we are not doing it cheap :-)
  4. We like the 5/8 yellow Flex Tech for our spray set up....we will be using the Flex Tech blue 3/4 for booster pump rinsing
  5. Having after the sale support from your suppliers is very important when your livelihood depends on the products you bought. I have done business with Miss Lori at PWP, bought AODD pump, hose reel and hoses, and can say she is top notch and only a txt/phone call away. I am sure Kevin is a great guy to work with as well and they both have a strong presence here at the RCIA.
  6. That's what true friends do for each other Mr. Bergman :-) Just wanted him to know that there are many of us "newbies" out here that really do appreciate the posts from the early days and I have learned a LOT from them :-) Many folks just wont help the competition or they choose to simply go the "my way is only way" route, as many are now doing. On this site I learned that there are many ways to skin a cat. Once I was comfortable with the process and equipment we were gonna use we jumped in with both feet and I am so happy that I can PM the man himself with a "newbie" question and he will answer me with honest and straight information. That is to me invaluable :-)
  7. Just wanted to say THANK YOU, Mr. Chris Tucker! We are experiencing exponetial growth here in Savannah and a lot of it has to do with the marketing stratagies that you and others have shared in the past. I have been reading, studying and learning much in the past 3 months! We are now being called, 2-3 times a week to quote jobs because "they found us on the internet"! So, Thank you again for continuing to share your knowledge and experience in this industry Sir :-) Philip McCullough
  8. Hello and welcome! I am relatively new here as well :-) There is a wealth of information to be found here at the RCIA This lady ^^^ helped me tremendously! Great to have both of you guys on board :-)
  9. Try the 5GAL first...I love the stuff, we thoroughly rinse every roof and can't complain about it....I think this was a 9 or 10/12 roof we used a hotter than normal mix :-)
  10. We just got a new truck for our business! We are getting a lot of calls and are working with several local realestate agents through our local BNI chapter....Planning on having a great year! Time for a wrap and skid! Here's to a GREAT 2017!
  11. Didn't realize how big the things would be, they are 18x24 but they seem huge..... So, what do ya'll think? We will be ordering some more signs with a different name on them soon, SavannahSoftwash.com just would like some input on the layout.... Hopefully Clip and Clean will able to clean some roofs in the Savannah Georgia area by putting a few of these signs out in strategic locations. Thanks, Philip www.ClipandCleanSavannah.com
  12. We love Slo-Mo for cleaning roofs in Savannah, GA :-) I'm gonna be needing another 5GAL soon!
  13. If you wouldn't mind please PM me the contact info as well. The design looks great!
  14. Haha....Thanks, but I don't like talking on the phone. Oh well, maybe he will see this thread and hook me up....LoL
  15. Yes Sir! We have gotten off to a good start for 2017....
  16. My. Gary, Clip and Clean is interested in becoming a RCIA Certified roof cleaner! We also would like access to the 'old' forum .. :-) Please let me know if the above information is still valid... Thank you, Philip
  17. We get paid before we show up or at completion of the job normally. All of our estimates and Invoicing are done electronicly via email, we use yard book, it's free. The payment terms are on the invoice and I believe they are stated on the estimate as well. It gives you options for NET 30 thru NET 7 or payment due at completion. We ask for payment at completion of the job. Cash, Check, CC are all good with us.
  18. Yeah, that roofer classification is super expensive. In GA the businesses can have upto 4 employees, I believe, without having to have WC. My problem is that some homeowners here have insurance that require any contractors that work on thier propety to have it. Most of these folks have very nice, very large homes in very nices neighborhoods!
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