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  1. How well do they hold up to SH? I've been using Shoes For Crews boots and I like them, but they don't grip very well on older asphalt shingles.
  2. Nicejob (Used to be Hatch) can't say enough good about them! They did my site: www.CallAtlas.com in case you want to see their work.
  3. No, just basically using a homeowner grade kit and a shop vac.....Works great!
  4. Lori, are you selling Hannay reels now?! What about Gorilla reels? (I got the double stack and I've been VERY happy with it!)
  5. Glad to see that....looking forward to seeing how it holds up. I've been super happy with MeannGreen, but it's starting to show some wear and I've been concerned about a good replacement since they're not making it anymore.
  6. I do....Pretty easy money, but it can be pretty aggravating at times as well.
  7. Moderator: I'm not sure if this is the right spot to list this. Please feel free to relocate this thread if necessary. For sale is a Honda GX390 with an Udor 5.5 GPM (gear drive) pump, set up for tank bypass (Zeromatic unloader).I purchased it as a 4 GPM direct drive in 2014 and installed the 5.5 GPM gear drive in 2015.The engine has 125 hours on it, and the pump has less than 75.This pump has been stored in a heated garage since I upgraded to 8 GPM last year. I used it last November for approximately 2 hours, but it hasn't seen any use since then. Asking $1200.00 or best offer.Local pick-up only. (Asheville, NC)Please PM me for more info.
  8. Thanks for the update! (I hate when people say "I'll post my findings" and then the thread dies) I'm really looking forward to hearing your findings.....I'll bet the 060 will do pretty well.
  9. @PeakOfPerfection Kevin, I didn't see any info on your site about the 3/4" Price pumps. What are the specs and pricing for one of those? Thank You!
  10. Sounds like a question for @PeakOfPerfection or @Curb Appeal Pros LLC
  11. @Curb Appeal Pros LLC What size pump are you feeding the 5/8 with, and what kind of reach are you getting? I'm still planning on going with a 1" pump, but keep going back and forth between 5/8 and 3/4 hose. I refuse to work off if anything taller than a 28' ladder, and many of the roofs in my area are way big with really unique roof lines and (due to mountainous terrain) really weird approach angles. For instance today I did a roof where one end of the gutter line was as 10', the other end (about 80' away) I couldn't reach with my 28' ladder. Oddly enough, if I had been able to shoot 60 feet or so, I could have done that high end from the ground.....(should have taken pictures) Some say you'll stall a 1" pump with anything less than a 3/4 hose. I'm planning on going with an All-Flo, in case that affects your answer at all. Reach is my number one priority, and, of course, flow+restriction=reach, right? Thank you!
  12. Thank you! What's the price on a 1" in kynar?
  13. Are you able to get these in kynar/viton or only poly?
  14. Hate to hear that! Why not get some lengths of the Flex Tech RT? Seems like it would be a great supply hose too.
  15. How do you think these tanks would do with SH? Would they hold up well enough? (They're not stackable, but I don't need that for my application) http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/pco-tank-100-gal
  16. Is there enough material around them to drill them out and re-tap the threads for a larger size?
  17. I guess I'm gonna have to try some too. I have a "homemade" surfactant concoction that is so thick it's hard to swirl around in a bottle and it sticks like glue.....If Slo Mo is better than that, I'll be a customer from now on.
  18. @Roof Cleaning Virginia Did you mix it according to their instructions? If not, what was the ratio?
  19. That was the very first thing that came into my head too! Also, what will the availability of maintenance parts, like diaphragms, etc. be?
  20. The solenoid mod does work great....I love it! I guess I should have mentioned, as part of that mod, you change some of the pressure switch wiring around, so you end up with three wires instead of just two. It's hard to explain without watching Bruce's video, but it works, and works very well.
  21. @Central Iowa Roof Cleaning has a youtube video that shows how to wire that pump through a solenoid, and you'll never have to buy or replace another relay again. I would pm him and ask for his help. There ARE supposed to be three wires (one comes from the pressure switch) but I'm not sure how to wire them without using the solenoid. (The one he shows in his video is a 7870-101E SB.....Not sure what's different about the 101Y SB....Sorry about that)
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