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  1. I agree, I was calling them fascia as well but since have learned a more known term is rake boards. I think barge boards is more of an older term. I could be wrong tho. This is what google says... .. A rake board. It's not just what you use to clear your lawn of fallen leaves. On a gable roof, the rake board, or fascia, is the slanting edge at the end wall of the house.
  2. I Good point, I searched for the best picture that made it easy to identify things. I think they should have put rake instead of barge boards in the above pic. I am sure it is hard to fit all the roof terms in one pic. Hear is another one.
  3. I know there is a lot of people that search these forums for knowledge and advice. There is a lot of you that probably already know all this but some of you might not. For those that dont this information is a must if you are working on roofs. There is nothing worse than standing there with a customer pointing at the roof saying " that part, over there, Yeah where that piece meets that piece, you know the pointy part". For me I want to know everything there is about what I do. Just knowing these simple things could be a deciding factor whether you get the job or not. Recently there was a part of the roof I couldn't remember so I took some time to refresh my memory. Now I am passing it on to those that don't know.
  4. Great advice. I will use this in the future, Im sure I will get a bad one eventually.
  5. Hey Philip, I talked to Gary today and had to be a bit rude to him on the phone. It seems like he has finally set me up on the old forum so if you are not set up yet give him a call and bi%^h at him a bit and he will do it for you.
  6. I It sure would be nice to view all the stuff in the old forum. I signed up last month, i called Gary a number of times talked to him and sent him a bunch of messages. For some reason i still can not view premium area. I hope my membership is extended next year because of this problem. It seems like somone else should be in charge of that forum. At least someone that is going to follow up on things.
  7. lol, I think I would rather wear pants than have my legs fried.
  8. Wow that's a hell of a wrap on that box truck. No need to squint to read that from a distance. Good concept, big and simple.
  9. can someone please help me with this? I am trying to get onto the premium members area over at the other forum. I am not having any luck. I have called Gary once when I became a member and once the other day and talked to him both times. I have sent him a message on the forum and I have sent an email to his business email address. Still am not a premium member over there. my user name is the same.
  10. already done and called Gary. my eyes are hurting already, thanks Chris
  11. ahhh yes, I had a feeling that answer was coming. I figured I would ask anyway. I saw on one of your posts, if i recall right you said a 20% mix would work once a year. I did see the company truck today that offers this deal for $89 once a year algaecide and there tank had a blue mix in it so I suspect it is copper sulfate. I will be signing up with you guys. Where do I pay? Im sure it is worth it. Knowledge is king. PowerShine Property Services 239-826-3344
  12. What about for these yearly maintenance programs everyone is offering? I have a few customers that say they are paying 89.00 a year for an algicide treatment once a year. I would really like to know what is being used. copper sulfate? benzalkonium chloride? The company will not tell me I have asked them. can someone please fill me in thanks 239-826-3344 PowerShine Property Services
  13. I got everything set up including my battery box with pump and mini computer fan all hooked up working good with switch. getting all the rightparts for this set up is a pain. Now Im ready to clean my own roofs.
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