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  1. Cleaning metal roofs can be difficult especially old ones because of the corrosion build up and the several layers of paint underneath.A wire brush works better in removing the paint off metal roofs.Before stepping up onto the roof make sure you are able to clean each and every surface with ease.You can clean the mild and mildew off the metal roof by mixing ½ cup of tri-sodium sulphate in a gallon of water.Take a soft brush and dip it into the solution and scrub the affected.Repeat the process until the surface is clean and then rinse the area with water.Metal roofs are durable but I think they can have a lot of leaks.I once had multiple leaks on my roof though I tried to fix it on my own I was not able to get it fixed so I called a roof repair service called royal york roofing to get it fixed.
  2. I have used oxalic acid before. It is good in removing stains and rusts.
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