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  1. Would either of these pumps worth purchasing? I am weighing the options between an air setup and 12 volt, with overall price being a large factor in the decision, as I have a limited start up budget.




  2. I am in the process of getting my business all set up, and was wondering if anyone uses a map on the website for service areas. My thought is that using a service area map as a visual reference would be more effective than just listing all the cities or counties that we will work in. 

    So my question would be, do you use a map on your website, and if so which plug in do you prefer, and for what resin?

    Also I have to say thank you to everyone who contributes to this fourm. The things I have learned from the open side of it, especially the marketing section, has been a real blessing to me, as I have zero experience in marketing. So again thank you all very much.

  3. How Cool !  I can also remember when they had Wrestling there, if you want to call it that :) Dayton Ohio is still the unofficial capitol of the Ham Radio World, even with HARA closing. To a Ham like me, Dayton  is like Mecca is to a Muslim.  Ajust as every Muslim wants to make a pilgrimage to Mecca as often as possible, it is the goal of every Ham worldwide to say they have been to the Dayton Hamfest! 

    I'm sure that it will continue, an event that huge, one arena closing down shouldn't hurt anything.

  4. Welcome Jeremy, I have been to Dayton several times in the past, and noticed all the filthy roofs up there. I went to HARA Arena I think it is called, for a Ham Radio Event. 

    They recently closed the arena, but yeah it was the Hara. I use to be a member of the rescue squad that did the medical services for Ham-vention. Small world. Thanks for the welcome, as I said before I have been around for a while reading everything I have access to.

  5. Hello everyone,

    My name is Jeremy Voshall. I am from the Dayton, Ohio area. 

    I have been an aerospace balancing tech for the past ten years. However for about the past three years I have been researching different busines startups, and have settled on a roof and exterior softwash cleaning company.

    I will be purchasing the equipment to build a air powered softwash system, and getting all the legal aspects handled over the winter months, so I can launch the company ( still can't decide on a name) in the spring of next year.

    As I have a family to support, this will initially be a part time operation. However it will be a professionally ran company, with the intent of becoming the sole sorce of income for my family within one no more than two years. 

    I will be joining the premium member ship very soon, and have spent a lot of time researching on this forum and other sources on the net, so I don't have many question as of now, that I don't expect to be answered in the premium side of the forum. 

    Just wanted to introduce myself, and see if there are any roof cleaners close by, as there are a lot( and I mean A LOT) of stained roofs in the area and I have never seen anyone cleaning a roof around here.

    Thanks for all the info this far, and hope to get to know you all better in the near future.

                                                     Jeremy Voshall

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