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  1. Quick update.... So far there doesn't seem to be any legal action. What our DEC recommends is changing our wording. If we mention words like "kills or it's an algaecide" it causes a red flag. They mentioned that if that's how we're labeling our product, then it needs to be registered with the DEC. After explaining how we apply our system he recommends promoting the system using words like "Removes or Cleans" algae, moss, lichen. I'll continue to update if anything else comes up.
  2. Thanks for the input... It seems that Chlorine Poisoning is in fact real. Here's the link: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002772.htm It's seems breathing it in is less severe in comparison to ingesting or it getting on your skin or in eyes. I will follow up as the process continues
  3. We had a situation come up, where we were doing a roof cleaning at a residential home. The customer's neighbor approximately 2 homes down, claims to contracted chlorine poisoning from inhaling the sent from the roof. Due this our state DEC was notified. Is there anything we need to concerned about for a legal point of view. NYDEC representative also mentioned about registering our solution with the DEC, but it seems sodium hypochlorite is already listed. Any help with this situation would be appreciated.
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