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  1. Holy smokes, what are you cleaning a skyscraper? I'm still trying to build my first one. --------- Kyle Stroshein Roof Demossing Victoria
  2. I see roofs like that a lot in the pacific north west. We typically get carpets of moss on our roofs after a bad winter. I find that the big chunks take 5 years to grow. Love educating cutomers about our 2 year warranty on any moss removal victoria bc. If anyone has any advise on warranty and how you deal with these let us know. http://www.roofcleaningvictoria.ca/commercial-roof-cleaning--moss-removal.html
  3. I really need to get into some more commercial roof cleaning. I am finding that it is a great niche that guys do not go after as much. Kyle
  4. Hey thank you so much for the responses guys. Great input. I still get shit from roofers bitching about the brush. Kyle Remove Moss From My Roof Victoria BC
  5. Hey great post. 100% agree the pacific northwest has some think ass moss. What type of set up do you guys have for your softwash? Do you use a brush to scrape the moss first or just spray first? _____ Kyle Stroshein mossremovalvictoria
  6. We do the same in the northwest 80/20, but the moss is thicker so we need to use a stronger solution Kyle www.roofcleaningvictoria.ca _______
  7. Hey Yall, I have been told by roofers that using a brush of any kind will damage the asphalt shingles. I have been using them for 1 year now and not had any complaints. Can anyone comment on this technique. ____________________________ Kyle Stroshein Moss Removal Victoria
  8. SEO is hard. __________________ Kyle Roof Cleaning Victoria BC Moss Removal Victoria BC
  9. It is actually illegal to collude on pricing if you are bidding the same job with competitors, but I agree is good to contact them and ask what they are charging. We price our job by asking the customer what their budget is. Super easy to survey a few other of your neighbours what would they pay for a job. _______________________ Kyle Roof Demossing Victoria BC
  10. Hello, Do you offer a certification in Canada. _______________ Kyle Stroshein Roof Cleaning Victoria BC Moss Removal Victoria BC
  11. Hi Everyone, My name is Kyle, and I am the owner of a non-pressure washing roof cleaning company in Victoria,BC Canada. The name of my company is Roof Cleaning Victoria, www.roofcleaningvictoria.ca. We have a lot of moss up here in the pacific northwest, money on trees for me :). However this type of moss needs a thourough brushing to get at the root of the moss. Alot of manual labour. Anyway thank you for the forum. Are there any Canadians out there?
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