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  1. This is a small part of it. Has a garage that's almost big as the house to the left side.
  2. good advice. I do try the doom and gloom approach a lot. Then act surprised when it cleans perfectly lol. Would you recommend a 50/50 mix with no surfactant? Or plenty since it's steep? Thanks
  3. i was asked today to bid a huge house with a slate roof that's totally black in places. When I met the homeowners they informed me that it had the rubber slate. I've never dealt with this and was wondering if I need to pass on the job or does it clean like a regular slate roof? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. I will have to agree with you. Last year I started roof cleaning and Lori was a godsend. She answered all my questions and was super helpful. She forgot to chsrge shipping on my order and I tried paying her but she wouldn't let me. Not monay larger companies will text after hours to help with issues. I will use them from now on for any supplies I need.
  5. Thank you for the reply. It was a brand new barrel that came in but I bet it had sit a while. I will try that. Thank you again.
  6. OK, I have read till my eyes feel like they are gonna bleed and have sprayed a few hundred gallons of water learning my new setup. I decided to do a roof for my neighbor for free to get the practice in. I had a brand new batch of sh come in at work and I made a 55 gallon batch of roof mix. I mixed 18 gallons of sh to the rest water. I didn't add surfactant and think that could be the reason for my problem. I sprayed the roof late in the evening and didn't rinse. The roof was a shingle roof that was quite black but didn't have any moss on it. It was a 6 and 12 pitch so I know I should have used gain but didn't. I didn't have t and wanted to finish before dark. I came by today after work and the roof is still as black as before I sprayed it. It looked to be turning white during application but something is definitely not right. I tried getting pics but the way the house is on a hill I cant get any that show whats up. Mainly wanting opinions on what could have happened and if its ok to put surfactant in a fresh batch and spray again. Thanks for the help.
  7. What time of day is best to call you? I don't want to call at a bad time. Thanks, steven
  8. Thank you I will try to get up with you before the week is out.
  9. Thinking very seriously on becoming a premium member for the wealth of info available. Can I pay with a card? I do not have a paypal account and probably won't be getting one. I hate to miss out if this is the only way to pay. Thanks for the help.
  10. Just wanted to say hello. Steven Justice from clayton Ga. We are in the far northeast corner of the state. I have been in the maintenance business for a while as a side job and this being a tourist area it has tons of potential for people not afraid to work. I found this forum by accident and like so many others I am seeing a real need for roof cleaning. I want to join the premium side of the site and get a rig going. As far as I know I haven't seen anyone in the area doing roofs so the work is here. One thing I would like to know though. Do you have people on the premium side that can answer other pressure cleaning questions or is it strictly a roof cleaning forum? Thanks for the help and I am really looking forward to getting me feet wet.
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