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  1. You are actually pretty lucky. I had a similar experience in 2009...ran across a guy while dropping off door hangers. He had a single pitch roof with a very mild slope, looked like a giant "lean to". The shingles were almost black they were so bad. He claimed he had it cleaned two years prior and was interested in my warranty...he didn't believe me when I said it was nearly impossible for a roof to get that bad five years later...let alone two. After thinking about his request for a quote for a day...I called the number he gave me. He was at work, his wife answered. I told her that I was concerned that the previous guy had powerwashed the shingles, that being the only way it could be this bad after two years. She was very honest, unlike her husband, saying "oh yea, they powerwashed it, and we weren't happy so we made them come out and do it again the next day" (a roofer BTW). That's two high pressure cleanings in 24 hours. I should have just dropped it there but instead I called her husband back that evening and told him that my insurance would not allow me to clean it. I just didn't want to be the bad guy. However, the man was beyond persistent. This man that was mowing his lawn when I met him...unconcerned about the roof stains was now acting like it was life or death. At this point...red flags are going off all over in my head. He offers to sign a paper that he won't hold me liable...but still insists on a certificate naming him as co-insured. More red flags. He also insists on telling me how to clean it (ladders, harness, etc) but his front yard has a steeper slope than his roof. More red flags. I was about 90% convinced to just clean it and be done with the guy...who's calling me daily at this point when I decided to call Joe Walters and ask them about the no liability waiver. The lady at Joe Walters said it wouldn't matter if he signed a waiver...if he filed a claim, they would pay. She explained that the number of claims filed against roof cleaners is so low that it isn't worth them wasting their time over. I was less concerned over a rate increase and more concerned with reputation...plus I didn't want to see a jerk get a free roof on my nickle. I decided to tell him I wasn't interested...he tried to talk more but I just said I was too busy and hung up. My point is...check with your agent. From what I was told, no matter how much I do to document and protect myself, the insurance company will probably just write a check. Also...follow your gut. Like my example...you knew that lady was trouble in the first five minutes. Better to walk away from people like that.
  2. Not enough words to index on landing page.... Total word count: 164 (250 including stop words) Unique words: 108 (142 including stop words) Not optimized for longtail keywords Top 3 word: 3 Word Phrases|Count|Density in central florida|4|4.80% Typo in Meta Kewords...Meta keywords: home exterior cleaning,roof cleaning,roof soft wash,pressure wash, concrete cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, dryway cleaning Typo in header...Get conected Youtube vid error's out Content is "below the fold" Owner image not optimized (1406067690.jpg) rename and add alt text. Gallery images not optimized
  3. It's not impossible, just impractical for someone that's managing a business as well as their website and SEO. As long as people stay away from serious black hat tactics and schemes...they won't have a lot to worry about.
  4. This was pretty much my point in general....Whoever controls the click controls the profit. Out of fairness, I did not share the keywords of the sites, just the traffic load. However...to say it's interesting (what keywords are generating the traffic) would be an understatement.
  5. I know you don't...which is why I offered to help you understand. The images I posted were not related to a keyword...the traffic was based on their domain and their own keywords. Each domain was checked by itself, I made the comparison by making screen shots....not the software. However....you are 100% wrong about the UAMCC and roof cleaning. They went hard after roof cleaners with a certification program in 2012. Even though the traffic reports are not keyword filtered, sorted or specific, it is a shared market and the UAMCC does have some of the same keywords in their report....they just rank too low to snag the traffic. Their best keyword is "pressure washing certification" at #7 but it only has 30 global monthly searches. Their best traffic source is "pressure washing forum" which is 68% of their organic hits but at position #11, they don't get much from it. They only get 3% of their traffic from keywords with "roof" in the phrase. I only mentioned the BOD change because the drop in traffic was coincidental to the cert launch and big blowup in early 2013. There were some other coincidental things but I'm not looking to start anything...just showing people where the traffic is going. Why does search analytics get you so fired up? Knowledge is power!
  6. This is an example of why I've been divesting my services from this industry. Emotions, feelings and cliques don't generate revenue...traffic and conversions do. Why people in this industry go for the Billy Mays infomercial style leaders blows my mind. The facts speak for themselves...you can deny them if you want. Ted, If you have a Skype account, I'll give you 30 minutes of my time showing you some analytics of your market, your site and competitors, what your doing wrong and what you can do to change that...just to prove that data rules marketing...and to show you that I'm not taking your reply personally, it's (oddly) pretty typical in our industry. I'll make you a believer
  7. It means that of the 10 forums....the RCIA has the top traffic. (Keep in mind, this is not actual stats from the servers...this is based on search engine data...clicks/rank/keywords...Only the webmaster has access to the server stats). It Means, as of the date of the snapshot.....if you had to depend on PPC (paid traffic) only, your costs would be $2,300 per month. Your monthly traffic is worth $2,300 in terms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Why I find this interesting? Because I don't think there is a single forum, org or assn that has been mocked and member harvested (attempted) as much as RCIA. For people reading this thread (Chris knows this and are still friends), keep in mind that I have disagreed with the RCIA cert process and many of the decisions. I say this because I'm honest and also because I live in the real world of figures and stats....not emotions. I didn't set out to do a forum smear on anyone. The truth is that I was doing SEO for a client which led me to measuring some metrics on his competitor. I noticed a huge difference domain authority between two popular forums and decided to do some analytics on all of them. I don't have much of a dog in this fight anymore...web related revenue (design, SEO, SEM) has surpassed cleaning revenue and only a small percent of that is from roof cleaning/pressure washing companies. I don't even advertise my high end SEO services website in this niche...the global monthly searches are just too small to justify the fees...not to mention, I've pissed off a lot of people and don't need the grief of revenge reviews.
  8. RCIA PWI Grime Scene PWRA PTState PowerwashCommunity National Soft Was Alliance Roof Cleaning Forums PWNA UAMCC Looks like the UAMCC shit in their hat somewhere around the beginning of 2012....Wasn't that about the time the new BOD took over?
  9. Anyone that says it sucks most likely bases that on having spent a good deal of time learning something else and are resistant to change. Not just here Chris.....The world has spoken....and it's not even close!
  10. Odds are pretty good it's the government....here, the township employees drive around and pull yard signs. It was just discussed at a trustee meeting last tuesday. The good thing (here) is they save them...you can go pick them up at the township garage.
  11. I've disowned the Chamber of Commerce...Pro immigration traitors. Employment (Jobs) are not immune from the laws of supply and demand. Whenever supply outpaces demand...price declines. Millions of new unskilled laborors will inevitably impact our industry harder than most simply because of the small learning curve and low entry costs. Dump the Chamber
  12. This is how it usually starts....and it's painful for me to watch it repeat over and over. Off site SEO for your website would be like pushing a bulldozer up a hill. 90% of the SEO providers will probably gladly take your money and in the end....after wasting much $ you'll finally run into someone that will explain the root problems. Unfortunatly, by then people have hired clueless link marketers posing as SEO experts and their site now carries the additional baggage of a bad link profile. Your site has issues that you can remedy yourself....and should before you even think of spending any money offpage. Home page: only 154 words....add more content. your best 2 & 3 keyword phrases are nonsensical ("your roof" & "exterior cleaning llc") you need a target keyword plan for the page and then optimize for it. no mention of where you are...crawlers need to see words on a page. Since we are geography limited, we need to let the crawlers know where we are. images missing alt text....crawlers need to know what an image is about. meta title bad meta description bad H1 tag is "Our Services" bad Last....cheap is not always inexpensive...http://optilocal.org/godaddy-website-builder-and-seo-dont-even-bother/ Godaddy and all the "free sitebuilder" hosts (yahoo included) should face a class action suit for malpractice....imho. I've seen guys spend $20k+ on truck, trailer, skids, pumps, etc....then build a Yahoo free website builder then turn around and spend 2x the cost of a good website trying to get it to rank. The thing that feeds the overhead monster is marketing and internet marketing is the best ROI. Gene,....my advice, if you don't want to hire a web designer is to flip your site over to WordPress anyway....there are several guys on here that have built and manage their own WordPress site and I'm sure they'd help you.
  13. 90%+ of web content is scraped from the internet or previous work and reworded....our industry is no different. Just how many ways do you suppose there are to explain roof cleaning? Personally...I feel content is the one part of a website you don't want sourced entirely to a web designer. The owner should be heavily involved in drafting content. Even a poorly designed website will rank well with properly optimized unique content. But I agree in general...I'm only aware of one person that builds custom roof cleaning sites, writes custom CSS and cleans a roof themselves the same day.
  14. Unless you enter the home...which I refuse to do, you really don't need bonded. The outside of the home is exposed to anyone. If I ever ran into a homeowner that wanted his landscaper, pressure washer, etc to be bonded....I'd politely decline the work. Anyone that anal retentive is a high risk for other problems like bad review blackmail.
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