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  1. I got some from ispray off of the recommendation from Chris, here's the link to get you started. Best Nozzles For Roof Cleaning
  2. If you order it from Eaton might as well get a few quarts of the Airbase synthetic compressor oil as they recommend a change after first 10 hours or so. The Honda motor you will have to look up the manual yourself online for service and maintainence, I think it's a quart for each to do a oil change.
  3. I have the same Eaton compressor and pretty happy with it. Mines pull start and starts usually within one two pulls but electric start might be better but then your going to have to get and maintain a battery too. It's picky on the oil level so if your off just a little it will shut down then you might have to disconnect trailer or whatever you need to do to get the oil level in the sight glass.
  4. Ran across this looking around, wondering if anyone has tried one or is it just a gimmick thing. Might come in handy for some things. What makes the Independent Power Sprayer so unique ?- Adjustable Gun Controls Flow And Pressure Up To 90 PSI- No Electricity or Heavy 12 Volt Car Battery- Chemical Feed With The 25' Supply Hose or 2 Liter Bottle- Rechargeable Batteries- Super Quick Charger can recharge battery in one hour- Industrial grade Viton seals for long life- Self Priming Pump up to 25'+ http://www.ipspro.us/sprayer-ips-pro/46-ips-long-with-2-batteries.html#idTab5
  5. Thanks Chris, working way better for me. It was really slow recently and I was going to mention it but thought it could have been on my end so didn't, glad to see it running faster.
  6. Finishing up the air piping and I decided to build a water trap system out of 1/2" black pipe. I'm in a enclosed trailer and the tanks I'm using are sealed so it would be hard to try and coil air hose inside the water tank. Not sure how it will work but supposedly it works good, as the black pipe cools the air and the moisture drops down to the drip leg and can be bleed out with the attached valves. After each drip leg, the water is reduced more and more and by the time you drain the last drip leg, no water should come out.
  7. For anyone concerned about suspension trauma after a fall then this may be the answer. For me working alone on higher roofs is always a concern as if you did fall even with the harness on hopefully you don’t fall off the roof but if it happened then what about rescue. Few people know that you have maybe less then 30 minutes to get rescued after a fall before serious consequences set in, even death. These self rescue kits are new and made buy 3M and DBI Sala the leaders in safety and available in 50’ and 100’ for a little over $500.00. Expensive but priceless if needed. http://selfrsq.com https://www.capitalsafety.com/en-us/Pages/3M-Capital-Safety-Launch-DBI-SALA-Self-Rescue.aspx
  8. Also check out the new DBI Sala Self Rescue 50' and 100' detachable that attaches to your own harness for half the price. I think it's actually replacing the one in the first post. Both are part engineered with 3M and DBI Sala are top of the line in safety.
  9. And for those working at height on roofs, fall protection was limited to roof-penetrating equipment. On the other hand, drilling holes into a homeowner’s roof can negatively affect customer satisfaction and potentially threaten the long-term viability of a consumer relationship. DIRECTV took a proactive, leading role in the industry to find a solution to this conundrum rather than attempting to circumnavigate regulations, and sought out Gravitec Systems Inc. for assistance. Three anchor methods to afford workers the ability to anchor the lifeline in any property layout without damage to homeowner property: a vehicle hitch anchor, concrete anchor and counterweight anchor. A slingshot mechanism that allows the user to string a lifeline over the house and anchor it on the other side, ensuring that the worker can install the fall protection system quickly and be provided 100 percent fall protection through job completion MORE
  10. In the event of a fall, activation is achieved by simply pulling the release cord, allowing for self-rescue in a controlled descent. The Latchways Personal Rescue Device™ (PRD)™ is worn with a 3M™ Elavation™ Harness. Reading about suspension trauma after a fall in a harness will make this look pretty attractive in some situations. Video above here's the .pdf
  11. Nice looking pressure washer trailer picture. Just replace the hot water pressure washer with your compressor and pumps, put the ladders on top, keep it as low as you need to get in the garage.
  12. I'd put storage shelves along sides up kinda high not real big even 6-8 inches with little railing around to keep things in, could also have a couple of hose wall racks put up along the side up high as these are always needed for storage of water and extra air line, spray hoses, extension cords. Up front by the tongue you could make a place to mount the spare if you need it mounted on wall is more out of the way. Could make a small table top in front corner to be able to do paperwork, and storage area if you plan on a side door. Keep ladders on outside if you can as they take up a lot of room. Few tips as I'm laying out a trailer/van set-up now too.
  13. Ok, sounds like you made out pretty good on the signs, you got 4 magnetic signs and 50 yard signs for 200, I'll be checking that out. I suppose if there is one thing you can do without to start with its the reels, although they make life easier. I was thinking of somehow just attaching the hose around the manifold instead of actually going thru it you could avoid the rusting out and just use reel to keep hose wound up and take off when you need it. I don't know I might be wrong.
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