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  1. Hello, I posted in a different forum, but haven't heard anything back yet. Im trying to figure out how to get a rig set up for soft wash business. I have been pressure washing out of the back of my truck for a while as a side job and looking to take it full time with soft washing mainly doing houses/fences/decks/driveways. If I become a premium member is there a guarantee of any kind that I will find a good step by step process for setting up a rig, with materials list, and what chemicals to use? Thanks.
  2. I have done some pressure washing on the side for the past few years. I am ready to take it full time with a buddy of mine and want to build a system. Is there someone that can provide me with a full list of materials and solutions to get me up an running? I plan on doing mostly houses/fences/decks until I get going decent. Then will move to add roofs in the mix. thanks in advance. Bridger
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