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  1. how do i get logged in to the old forum after paying my membership that


  2. thank you guys for all your feed back my website is being built this week by my brother whom is a vp for a telecommunication company so he is always busy. another question if i have a generator can i run an electric air compressor off that or am i being silly. if not is the harbor freight wheel barrel compressor for 529 suitable
  3. I'm moving to Trinity, in trinity west then in about a year going to buy in west chase
  4. thank you i have ladders stand offs and safety gear, in new jersey i am certified in mold removal. i will read all the notes i was just down in florida signing the lease on my new home should be down there by july 1 and start setting up my trailer, until then I'm going to read read read
  5. thank you, I'm so excited to get started as a roof cleaner as today was my final day working for the man
  6. I payed to become a member. do i have to do anything next in order to see all the goodies
  7. Hello guys, My name is Howie my wife and i are moving to florida within the next month. I was interested in roof washing and house washing and some of you told me to become a member so i did for the next few weeks i will read the forums up and down inside and out. my first question is i Have about 2000 to spend on equipment should i go 12v or compressor
  8. i am going to become a member.. just didn't want to cut off anyones toes. how do i sign up to become a member
  9. any info would help Howard Stozki 347-563-1408 h.stozki@yahoo.com
  10. hello guys, I'm currently living in nj, but moving to Florida do to my wife company relocating us. I currently work as a maintenance tech repairing all phases of homes for a privatized company on the Air Force Base. I was looking for work and saw roof cleaning services. i am very interested in becoming a roof and home cleaner. I have a few bucks saved up and wanted to build a trailer to start then work my way up to a truck or 2 or 3. can anyone tell me if there is a school or classes i can take to learn the proper way to get started. or is there anyone out there in the trinity area willing to teach me for a fee. I don't want to cut corners and be a fly by night guy. I'm a very hard worker, and love to see results Thank You
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