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  1. Financially I cant afford an Ugly Shingles franchise.. Im more in the lines of researching and MORE researching right now, and sort of taking a page from the book of Chris and buying a pump, tank, and some chemicals and knocking on doors at first. The guy with the Roof Shampoo thing here is basically just handing it off with his prices, so just wanted to get a feel.. Im not comfortable enough with what i can find to think its worth anything honestly.. Im thinking im probably not going to clean my first roof till next season.. Think im going to play with water and soap on my roof for a while first. After i get some equipment lined out first.. Roch
  2. Hello fellas, This is my first post so bear with me.. Ive been reading your guys stuff for months, and LOTS of good info.. Art and Chris, you guys are great with your responses to the questions Ive seen... SO... I had a conversation with Chris a while back when I first found or should I say stumbled across this while researching pressure washing... During that conversation Chris explained some of the things Ive learned by reading, and the adjustments hes made to using mainly SH and gain.. My questions is about the "ROOF SHAMPOO" franchise. I cant find enough about it to feel that its capable of the results you guys are getting with your setups. Mainly that it is "biodreadeable" and wont harm plants. I ask becuase there is an oppurtunity for sale where I live with a cusotmer base, but I dont feel its a strong resutls process.. Looks to show the use of a surface cleaner for rinsing.. Any feedback from the PROS here..? I already know all the equipment i want for the most part, now trying to learn the best marketing methods, and seen the "Roof Shampoo" with marketing support with it.. Thanks
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