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  1. So with this method you are using a brush on the whole roof? This would seem to labor intensive if it was a large roof. How many of you guys use brushes on your metal roof jobs and how many of you just use a mix and a bush just to do some touch up areas? I am just curious of the results of your mix verses having to use a brush on the entire roof. I just noticed you said "wire brush". I would never put a wire brush on a customers roof. But for those who are using soft brushes and water fed poles why do you use this method verses spraying on your mix and rinsing well?
  2. I am trying to order the supplies needed to build out a(vented) system in an enclosed trailer. I was having a hard time finding where to purchase the valves, couldn't find the correct part numbers etc. I purchased a pump from Kevin and when I spoke with him this morning, he recommended a couple of places where I might find what I needed (thanks for the help Kevin). Below is a parts list of two & three way valves, check valves, bulkheads etc. along with the part numbers that I found at usplastics.com. Even though you can't tell it from the descriptions below, all the valves are PVC and have FPM O-rings and PTFE seats. I would appreciate a review of these materials and any suggestions are appreciated. If everything looks good then maybe the list will be helpful to someone else in the future. The only thing I couldn't find was a three way PVC vented valve (recommended by Kevin)... I Thanks Kyle
  3. Hello my name is Kyle and I'm new to the forum. I have been doing restaurant hoods and flat surface cleaning for a couple of years. I want to add roof cleaning, and improve my exterior cleaning capabilities on surfaces like stucco, so I'm in the process of ordering the equipment I need to build a "soft wash" rig with an air diaphragm pump setup (thanks to Kevin at Peak of Perfection for his advise). He recommended this site, and it has been a great source of info. I thank everyone who has contributed to the site! Is there an old thread on here anywhere with pics of some of your setups? It would be helpful to see the different setups and options that you guys are using. I have a tandem axle enclosed trailer that I am planning to use at this point. I plan to set it up in such a way that I can load and offload my pressure washer from the rear of the trailer in case I need both on the job for flat surface cleaning. I need to be able to offload the pressure washer because some of my hoods are 90 miles away and I don't want to have to pull the whole rig that far for those jobs. I will use the tractor and the forks to move it back to my small trailer for those jobs. I just wanted to throw that out there so you will have a basic idea of what my needs are in case anyone has some advise they would like to offer. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advise that you give.
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