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  1. These are the hidden costs to consider that shouldn't be overlooked when starting. Certifications BBB etc. Bus. License Insurance Tax preparers lawyer Website fees/upkeep various internet fees business line help downtime forms fax line Etc.. All this should be done b4 you ever buy a piece of equip., vehicle, ad, etc. chime in if I forgot anything
  2. Anyone ever have an outdoor outlet spark up or smoke on them? Me once pounded on customers door went right to box and killed the power to the whole house called fire dept. for precaution. If you have chime in -what did you do ?
  3. I don't know sheet about blogs or anything -HELP!
  4. Road signs door hangers affordable advertising that works year after year. Put signs at mall intersections, lowes, Walmart, etc. zip tie (thick ones) good to poles or something so no one takes them.Door hangers take them right to the source a dirty roof. I still get calls from door hangers left 2 3 yrs ago they put em on their fridge till ready.
  5. The only thing about long winters it's like starting all over again no matter how much you save.
  6. If any anyone would like our Facebook page here is the link I can go in as well and like yours as well. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/Chautauquawashcom-208774145816641/?ref=settings
  7. Chris should I become a premium member to ask for any likes on our Facebook page? Thanks
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