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  1. Newbie question but does the section of roof that is not rinsed on the day of the cleaning ever have a different appearance after it dries? Seems as though this to rinse or not to rinse is an ongoing debate here. Some of the members rinse every job and some only btm 1/3 if no gutters are present and others say they will never rinse???
  2. Chris T I hope you were able to decipher my response amongst all the duplicates to your question "About closest large city". I'm clearly having issues with the simple task of communicating back and forth here but for everyone's sake I'll get the hang of it soon HOPEFULLY!! In the meantime should I post my questions here under new members topic or start a new thread in general discussion?
  3. Nothing posted Erick, try again On my cell and having some issues with my response. I'm seeing several duplicates and no response?? Anyways I am about 75 miles from Buffalo and that is the closest large city to me. I see an RCIA member (Chautauqua Wash) is about an hr west of me. Nothing posted Erick, try again
  4. Thanks Chris for the advice re naming the company. I've written this reply a couple times but I didn't see it post so this is a second attempt. Have a great day.
  5. Hello everyone. First post, and not positive I'm in the correct section so I apologize in advance if I'm not. My name is Erick and I am from a small town in WNY. For the last 18 yrs I have been in the Steel Workers Union employed at a cutlery manufacturing plant in a neighboring town. So besides all the reading I've been doing here on this site, and endless hours of watching videos on the subject I am definitely new to Roof Cleaning. Up until a cpl years ago I didn't even know such a service existed until stumbling across a video while researching a new pressure washer I wanted when we were selling our house. Since then mind has been churning to say the least and I have been driving my wife crazy with all my chatter on the subject. We haven't been able to take a ride I without me noticing and talking about every roof we pass since. Which by the way I notice no other home owners seem to be aware this service exists either by the looks of the roofs in my surrounding areas. I'm talking in some nice neighborhoods with well kept homes and landscapes etc. There are dirty neglected roofs. I actually noticed today one of the homes that was in need of a cleaning is in the process of being replaced by a contractor ! I'm sure this is a common event around here considering the lack of knowledge regarding roof cleaning. Today was the day i decided that my idea of starting a small roof cleaning business can no longer be just an idea. I will admit I am somewhat intimidated by all the steps necessary to get a business going from scratch and Im having an information overload with all the great content on this site that pertains to having a successful business venture. Hopefully it is normal to be having this anxiety lol! I'm most overwhelmed with the actual Business end of it all for sure. I'm ready to get uncomfortable as one post put it on here and I'm gonna take the risk $$ and pursue starting a roof cleaning outfit after more than a year plus contemplating and brain storming. I am surely going to need advice and have plenty of questions especially regarding what to do first as far as start up. I have not even decided on a company name if that tells ya the infancy state of my new venture! I need to know what my first steps should be. I know I need to come up with a name and get a Fed tax ID and form an LLC most likely etc. Oh and I def intend to become a premium member once I get this ball rolling. Just unsure of what I should be doing first I guess. As far as equipment I have a decent idea of what I will need to get started but I will post before I make any purchases so you all can weigh in on the pros and cons. Any and all advice is much appreciated even criticism when it's warranted. I have thick skin. That's what factory work does for ya I guess! Thanks for having this great forum and I'm sorry for my looooong run on paragraph intro. Look forward to making some friends on here and to what lies ahead for me with the new Roof Cleaning adventure.
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