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  1. How is the 12v power supply tests turning out for ya MID-MO. Very curious as I'm putting together a system as soon as everything shows up. On paper it sounds brilliant and I'm hoping for positive feedback but as far as I'm aware you are the only one doing field trials. Anxious to hear your results.
  2. Sounds good Ted. Look forward to speaking with you.
  3. Glad to hear the new 5850s are holding up. I am going with the same pump simply because that's what your using Ted, and that's the truth. I really feed off your posts on here and keep the premium member nuggets coming. Even being new to the scene I have learned a ton on this forum that will put me ahead of the curve. I look forward to soaking up more and more info in the days ahead. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Ted and all the others too. One day I will be able to pay it forward, and help a new "info crazed" start up out.
  4. Thanks Kevin. That is reassuring. I certainly want a reliable hose and I liked what I had read about the Flex Tech on their site. I just wasn't comfortable making the decision without positive feedback from someone on the forum like yourself that has had one in service for an extended period. Did you terminate with 316 SS?
  5. Thanks Chris. The PWP store site states that there is lots of good feedback but I've yet to find any positive/negative feedback on here. Guess I'll just go Kuri Hose. Wanna order some equipment today.
  6. Contemplating going with 200' of Flex Tech hose. Besides Kevin's experience with the 3/4" testing, I do not see any new reports or anyone for or against. My gut tells me to just go Kuri tech because of it's popularity and field proven test of time. I overthink most everything that requires me to part with $$ and I'm sure that from the lack of content on here regarding the Flex Tech hose I should just assume they are not the go to hose of choice. I still would like to hear from anyone that has used, or is still using the FT hose and their opinions based on their experience with the brand. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your input P-O-P. I have really been soaking up some great information since getting access to the other side of the forum. I read Teds piece I believe you are reffering to. Great stuff for sure.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me Chris on the compressor question. How are ya feeling?
  9. Chris: I am Set for winters for the time being while I get this new venture up and running. I am doing the business on the side and have the full time job until such time as I could justify walking away from it if this takes off. I've pretty much accomplished nothing this week besides getting a few items. Tractor supply Booster Pump and 200' 3/4" mean green ( Black ) hose and a ladder stand off. I've attempted to email you using the icon in your profile but I'm thinking it didn't work. Would it be ok to call the number you provided after 9pm. I have some questions elated to the order I should be proceeding. Also posted about a compressor I spotted for sale and would live yours or any of the other air guys feesback. It wasn't in my budget but I am thinking it's a good one. Thanks for all you do for this forum. It is really addicting to be honest!!! Can't stop reading.
  10. Couldn't attach spec pic. Not sure what I'm doing I guess lol. Here is the model number (TUK13030HGE). Thanks for putting up with my technical incompetence
  11. Ok so I am back and forth on the electric vs air debate. I won't elaborate on the indecision I'm going through because there is plenty of info already on the forum to make an educated decision ( eventually ) I have read and understand it's common practice to purchase used compressors off diff auction sites and or craigslist type sites. If I was to decide to go the air route (still conflicted) and buy a used compressor I do not know what to ask the seller about it. What do I need to know besides if it runs, which is all the site says " runs great". What components should I inquire about mechanically. Should I be concerned with age or cosmetic issues. Nowhere on the forum have I seen Puma brand referenced or discussed. I've tried plenty of searches but no luck. It has a honda engine and a 30 gal tank. 13 hp and 24 cfm at 90 psi. I looked it up new and it is way more than the asking price but I just don't know what to look for if I drive the two hrs to go see it. Any advice on the brand and what I should be inspecting mechanically and asking about would be appreciated. I'm going to try and upload a pic of the manufactures sticker with it's specs.
  12. No problem Chris. I'm getting ready to get my Premium Membership taken care of in a cpl minutes so I'm hoping it opens up a new world of info for me. Thanks n hope ya got your sign stands reordered.
  13. I know this is an old post but I just checked out signrocket.com. Their prices are pretty fantastic when compared to the price I was quoted today at my local design n print shop. I would love to keep the money local but they were 4Xs the price , no bulk discount , and a six week ready date compared to signrocket.com. Think my good will allegiance runs out at 2Xs the price to keep business local. Glad I found this old tidbit of info!! Thanks Chris
  14. Thanks for chiming in Chris. It means a lot coming from you considering your experience. If you would be going after cleaning everything if you started over today and with Teds advice echoing that I know I was on the right path with my thinking. So as of right now I am officially a business owner although I have no website or logos or equipment etc I do have a name and a fed id#. TBR Roof & Exterior Cleaning WNY. All legit now an I got my quote from Joan at Joeseph Walters Ins. Not to bad either. Dropped a couple ideas off at the graphic designer a bit ago and now I'm waiting for the kids to get done with school. It has been a good day lol. So glad I took the day off and got this rolling finally. Have a great day and I'll keep reaint and gaining knowledge.
  15. Thanks for your advice and your encouragement. I believe it was you I was reffering to that gave Woody 77 the advice about going after it all and not just Roof Cleaning. I soak in more information everyday on here as I pour through topics whenever I can. At first I was all set to get a Bandit set up from Bob at PT store and go clean roofs with a setup that mimicked Bruce Sullivan's who by the way I have learned a lot from just on YouTube. Now I'm not sure but still leaning towards 12 v to start just for space mainly. If I don't get a trailer right away I will be operating out of my truck and space will be limited so that was my reasoning ontop of the fact that there are still many of you that are in the 12 v camp and use them day in and day out successfully . There seems to be an ongoing debate with electric vs air and I see the pros and cons to each. In my particular case it's gonna be a space issue for the time being that decides for me. Anyways since my initial niave plan of just getting some equipment and a cpl yard signs and going head first in to cleaning roofs with reckless abandon, I have slowed my roll down and I am really concentrating on the business and branding side. I'm mostly bogged down with the logistics of running a successful business I guess. I have a lot of learning to do on the marketing and day to day business aspect of this startup for sure. Not my strong suit I admit but I'm coming around to it slowly. I took the day off work today and hope to be all official by days end with an EiN # and a bank account so I can start compiling things I need to be operational equipment wise. The hard part is getting a website organized without any real life experience or before and after pics. I want to get some marketing stuff around such as yard signs and possibly a professional looking flyer an such. It is all new to me and I am certainly open to any advice on those topics. How did you start out as far as you advertising/ marketing material? Did you get right after it from the start or did it take you some time and on job experience to get your marketing rolling? I have endless questions and surely more as the days pass. I do believe that after I finish getting my business formed today and have my name and logo all set I will be getting the premium membership in shirt order and I know that will open up some more doors as far as practical knowledge an such. Again I really appreciate you guys taking the time to respond to my questions, and I look forward to conversing more as I move forward.
  16. Thanks for your input MID-MO. I'm happy to hear you are doing well in a smaller market similar to what I'll be in. The landscape and mowing topic was something I talked about with a good friend yesterday in that business. He felt that once I was up n running he would be able to throw some work my way because of all the jobs his clients ask if him to do ontop of their lawn care. He's had multiple opportunities to clean exterior structures and hardscape and didn't have a means to do it correctly or anyone to reccomend for them to contact. Now he would have an outlet for that once I was operational. So I can see how having some connections In other services can land more work through referral and vice versa to friends that offer other services. Thanks again for your response and have a good weekend.
  17. The more I read on the forum and think about the specific area I will be serving when I finally get this ball rolling it becomes obvious that Roof Cleaning alone most likely wouldn't keep the doors open. My population centers are nill compared to many of your locations. Many of you succesful business operators that I've been following are located near larger populations and I am located in a rural town of 5k people and surrounded by numerous other small towns just the same. The city where I work has possibly 20 k residents but that is the extent of it. Although I've been contemplating back n forth for over a year about giving this business a go, it was just recently I made the decision to stop "thinking" about starting and actually commit to starting. Just days ago my initial plan was to become a Roof Cleaning only business but have already realized given my limited market I will need to be more diverse than that to stay afloat. What I'm wondering is how many of you that are currently offering more than just Roof Cleaning actually started with your entire focus solely on cleaning roofs? Many of your company names have me guessing that there are plenty of ya that have added services since your start. I read a post from a few years back where one of you gave a bit of advice to Woody 77 I believe?? To go after it all (siding - decks- concrete etc) and not just Roof Cleaning. Although they may have been reffering to that for a different reason than my concern of limited population I think it was profound advice and it made me reconsider my initial intended path. I hope to get a few responses about some of your decisions to offer additional services since your start, and maybe there are way more of you guys n gals on here that are operating in more sparsely populated locations such as the ones I'll be marketing in.
  18. I'm about 15 miles east of Olean in the town of Cuba.
  19. Good luck to you as well Mistamoss. It is funny how this simple idea I stumbled upon on accident has consumed a good portion of my everyday life. There is no longer any free time. I spend that reading and reading and reading anything and everything pertaining to roof cleaning. Although I'm positive I'm driving my wife crazy at times with this, she is supportive and she's spotting prospective clients. She had me turn around on the way home tonight so she could show me one she noticed earlier . Just cracks me up I guess. Life is a journey no doubt!! So keep pushing forward and I will do the same. We can keep intouch and keep eachother updated on our progress. As far as your question about the first three things to worry about I honestly don't have a good answer. I am all over the place it seems. I got sidetracked for several days with learning about website construction and then when I realized I didn't have a clue what I was doing I looked into some weboage designers and they were around $1200 just for a no frills page. Did not plan on that but will figure it out in time. I keep reading about the importance of a good website for your business and for a FB business page and back links and SEO and likes and juice and etc etc. Makes my computer illiterate head spin. It's almost like learning a new language. So anyways I'm thinking someone else should give ya an answer. I have plenty of questions but I've been trying to read everything incase it's already been addressed on here already. I have to finish laundry now but wish ya all the best. It's been overwhelming at times but I just know it will be rewarding in the future. Like I mentioned earlier in a post about the saying ( The expert at anything was once the beginner.) That is so simple yet true.
  20. Great info Chautauqua Wash. Several things I hadn't considered. It has been daunting trying to get everything involved in order just on the business end. The cost associated with going all above board with a small business really has made me gasp several times already. It's hard to justify considering my intentions are to run a business as a side gig to my full time career. I am going to continue to move forward though and take a leap of faith that it can be rewarding even as a part time business and just see where it goes. Also I notice that your located only an hour from me via rt 86. You are the closest and most proffesional looking legit operation as far as as any I could research online. Time permitting on your end, I would love to pick your brain a bit and possibly get to meet you and see your operation firsthand. As of now I haven't purchased any equipment as I am still in the planning stage, but it is in the works and i would enjoy, and appreciate any advice a veteran like you could offer me beforehand, Let me know if meeting is possible. It would be great to make your acquaintance. Thanks.
  21. Thanks for the reply Greg. I appreciate the input. Sounds like the LLC is def the route to take for my situation anyways. As for the zoning it looks like I'm all set with my township. I'm in a rural setting and have no close neighbors to irritate besides just passing traffic. Still working on getting everything in order business wise. Slow but steady I guess. Thanks again.
  22. This has been brought up to an extent but I didn't find answers to the extent I had hoped. ?- I'm curious who went the LLC route and why , vs getting a DBA. ? - has anyone experienced zoning issues with their county or city when using your home as your business base. I'm really wanting to do this all correctly from the start and I know there are a ton of you that started just like me. I have a burning desire to get up and running and I know it is going to be a success in my area I just need pointed in the right direction. This forum is awesome and so full of great info from succesful entrepreneurs. A fortune cookie informed me that " The expert at anything was once the beginner " lol. Thanks for any responses in advance.
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