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  1. How is the 12v power supply tests turning out for ya MID-MO. Very curious as I'm putting together a system as soon as everything shows up. On paper it sounds brilliant and I'm hoping for positive feedback but as far as I'm aware you are the only one doing field trials. Anxious to hear your results.
  2. Sounds good Ted. Look forward to speaking with you.
  3. Glad to hear the new 5850s are holding up. I am going with the same pump simply because that's what your using Ted, and that's the truth. I really feed off your posts on here and keep the premium member nuggets coming. Even being new to the scene I have learned a ton on this forum that will put me ahead of the curve. I look forward to soaking up more and more info in the days ahead. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Ted and all the others too. One day I will be able to pay it forward, and help a new "info crazed" start up out.
  4. Thanks Kevin. That is reassuring. I certainly want a reliable hose and I liked what I had read about the Flex Tech on their site. I just wasn't comfortable making the decision without positive feedback from someone on the forum like yourself that has had one in service for an extended period. Did you terminate with 316 SS?
  5. Thanks Chris. The PWP store site states that there is lots of good feedback but I've yet to find any positive/negative feedback on here. Guess I'll just go Kuri Hose. Wanna order some equipment today.
  6. Contemplating going with 200' of Flex Tech hose. Besides Kevin's experience with the 3/4" testing, I do not see any new reports or anyone for or against. My gut tells me to just go Kuri tech because of it's popularity and field proven test of time. I overthink most everything that requires me to part with $$ and I'm sure that from the lack of content on here regarding the Flex Tech hose I should just assume they are not the go to hose of choice. I still would like to hear from anyone that has used, or is still using the FT hose and their opinions based on their experience with the brand. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your input P-O-P. I have really been soaking up some great information since getting access to the other side of the forum. I read Teds piece I believe you are reffering to. Great stuff for sure.
  8. Thanks for getting back to me Chris on the compressor question. How are ya feeling?
  9. Chris: I am Set for winters for the time being while I get this new venture up and running. I am doing the business on the side and have the full time job until such time as I could justify walking away from it if this takes off. I've pretty much accomplished nothing this week besides getting a few items. Tractor supply Booster Pump and 200' 3/4" mean green ( Black ) hose and a ladder stand off. I've attempted to email you using the icon in your profile but I'm thinking it didn't work. Would it be ok to call the number you provided after 9pm. I have some questions elated to the order I should be proceeding. Also posted about a compressor I spotted for sale and would live yours or any of the other air guys feesback. It wasn't in my budget but I am thinking it's a good one. Thanks for all you do for this forum. It is really addicting to be honest!!! Can't stop reading.
  10. Couldn't attach spec pic. Not sure what I'm doing I guess lol. Here is the model number (TUK13030HGE). Thanks for putting up with my technical incompetence
  11. Ok so I am back and forth on the electric vs air debate. I won't elaborate on the indecision I'm going through because there is plenty of info already on the forum to make an educated decision ( eventually ) I have read and understand it's common practice to purchase used compressors off diff auction sites and or craigslist type sites. If I was to decide to go the air route (still conflicted) and buy a used compressor I do not know what to ask the seller about it. What do I need to know besides if it runs, which is all the site says " runs great". What components should I inquire about mechanically. Should I be concerned with age or cosmetic issues. Nowhere on the forum have I seen Puma brand referenced or discussed. I've tried plenty of searches but no luck. It has a honda engine and a 30 gal tank. 13 hp and 24 cfm at 90 psi. I looked it up new and it is way more than the asking price but I just don't know what to look for if I drive the two hrs to go see it. Any advice on the brand and what I should be inspecting mechanically and asking about would be appreciated. I'm going to try and upload a pic of the manufactures sticker with it's specs.
  12. No problem Chris. I'm getting ready to get my Premium Membership taken care of in a cpl minutes so I'm hoping it opens up a new world of info for me. Thanks n hope ya got your sign stands reordered.
  13. I know this is an old post but I just checked out signrocket.com. Their prices are pretty fantastic when compared to the price I was quoted today at my local design n print shop. I would love to keep the money local but they were 4Xs the price , no bulk discount , and a six week ready date compared to signrocket.com. Think my good will allegiance runs out at 2Xs the price to keep business local. Glad I found this old tidbit of info!! Thanks Chris
  14. Thanks for chiming in Chris. It means a lot coming from you considering your experience. If you would be going after cleaning everything if you started over today and with Teds advice echoing that I know I was on the right path with my thinking. So as of right now I am officially a business owner although I have no website or logos or equipment etc I do have a name and a fed id#. TBR Roof & Exterior Cleaning WNY. All legit now an I got my quote from Joan at Joeseph Walters Ins. Not to bad either. Dropped a couple ideas off at the graphic designer a bit ago and now I'm waiting for the kids to get done with school. It has been a good day lol. So glad I took the day off and got this rolling finally. Have a great day and I'll keep reaint and gaining knowledge.
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