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  1. Hi there Chris the other day I mentioned that I had been searching for Cheap products here in England that contain a higher percentage of non ionic surfactant I found this in Asda wallmart here are the ingredients on the packaging. I'm guessing that because it's fabric conditioner it should be OK with sh I need to dig deeper to understand different types of non ionic surfactants and there suitability for sh penetration into algae. Any advice on weather you think this could be suitable for algae cleaning would be really appreciated. Thanks Manu the search continues for the super surfactant.
  2. Hi there my name is Manu Harrison I'm a newbie here but I have been fascinated by sh and surfactants for the last few years. I live in England and just completed my first trial roof cleaning job It's hard going trying to convince people that non pressure roof cleaning is as efficient as you all have shown me. Anyway we don't have gain ultra here or dawn so most people here would use fairy liquid dish soap. Chris I read once when you looked at the ingredients of this product you said it would be fine to use but only to add it just prior to cleaning. Fairy liquid contains mainly anionic surfactants so I followed this and found an off the supermarket shelf product that was 15-30% anionic and 5% non ionic surfactant. Which has worked fantastically imho. I have read a lot of your posts on surfactants and have spent hours in stores looking at anything from fabric softeners to hair shampoo always striving to find something cheap that was high in non ionic surfactants. I believe I came across a product that may really help us in England I will purchase some tomorrow and get the details back to you. This a label off what I used on this clay tile roof available in all supermarkets in the UK.
  3. Really great to hear your story can't believe you only started in 2009 your branding your you tube channel is a fantastic educational advertisement for how you run your very successful business. I have been reading and watching quite a lot of information around including yourself and Mr Bergmann. I have built a Small 12v system and have just cleaned my first roof. A friends Mom and Dad agreed to let me clean this roof and covered cost of chemicals and labour so almost my first paid job. I did take some video footage and will put it out there once I get some logos and strap lines sorted. Any advice or encouragement from any of the great people on this forum would be gratefully received Thanks again. Before
  4. Good luck Erick I am the same trying to do this part time until maybe I can develop business enough to break away from day job.Loved your first post I know exactly what you mean my wife and Co workers are tired of me going on about roof cleaning and I need to keep my eyes on the road not on the roofline when I'm driving at least.Go for it mate.Looking forward to seeing you on here moving forward and me along with you. While we are asking questions about business set up would you say company formation insurance and safety are the first three things I should focus on. Manu Harrison
  5. Hi All It was really great reading Erik P first post last week and he said a lot of things I wish I had of thought of.It really made me laugh when he describes travelling around his area and paying a lot more attention to the state of roofs near his home.I have been exactly the same really looking at roofs and state they are in.Hoping all the time that one day I can get up there doing what you guys do everyday. I drive past a couple of clay tile roofs on my way to work and am thinking I would like to attempt to clean these first don't be fooled by my profile name it's my dream but not yet a reality . Like ERik I am still getting to grips with business set up insurance and safety.I have spent hours and hours looking through the wealth of info stored in these forum and watching endlless amounts of videos footage I must say at this point Chuck Bergman is a legend and my inspiration. I apologise if I'm going over things that have already been bought up I'm just trying to cost things out when you speak of the working season is it determined by cold temperature or by rain? .Secondly do you think that SH is ok on clay tile terracotta . Thanks in advance for any help on this topic. Manu Harrison
  6. Amazing Gary thanks .I believe I read in one of the build your soft wash system forum you said you wash from a ladder or of the ground. Do you think the size of pump I suggested would get me started doing this.Wow it's 1.40 am here I will come back to you tomorrow. Thanks again Gary
  7. Hi I hope it's ok to come back in here . I really hope I haven't come across all wrong on here after re reading my first post a little further back up this page I did use a power washer on roofs about 25 years ago and would never do that again I have personally seen the damage caused by high pressure washing to roof tiles in to loft space and on ceilings. I walked away from that along time ago and have not been on a roof to clean it for 20 years.I do some part time drive and patio cleaning to supplement my main full time job but would love to turn a small part time business into a full time small business over the next few years by learning as much about non pressure washing from the experts at rcia as I can I'm moving slowly as money comes available and would like to become a premium member soon. Do you accept premium members from outside America and could I be certified by you eventually as you see fit .Even though I am in the UK.Do you have any UK members. My dream really is to be cleaning roofs from a ladder rather than walking roofs do you think this is possible and would 3 1/2 gpm pump at 45 psi be enough to do this.If yes this would probably be my next purchase . Once again apologies if my first post came across all wrong. Thanks Manu Harrison
  8. Hi my name is Manu Harrison I'm in Packington ,Lichfield, Staffordshire England . I've been living in the UK with my wife and two boys since 2003. I work full time in landscape sales ie selling paving decking fencing etc.We have a real problem here with black spot algae particularly on imported Indian sandstone. I am asked every day by members of the public how to clean it . I recommend ready to use products which have limited success but have been cleaning a few myself where people have given up and are ready to rip up their patio . I built my own mobile 1 gpm 60 psi pump in a box style trolley and have been really surprised at results my customers are happy my boss would rather sell a new patio . So won't be getting any help from my regular job at this point. I am originally from New Zealand and from 1992 to 1995 worked for a concrete roof tile manufacturer pressure washing roofs and preparing them for re coating .Although I didn't realise what it was at the time the manufacturer supplied us with a chlorine based chemical wash that we were supposed to apply 2 weeks before pressure washing (sound familiar). Truth is I only ever applied the wash twice and must have cleaned over 100 roofs believing 4500 psi and a turbo nozzle cleaned a roof pretty quick and I was far to busy too to apply chemical.The roofs that I had applied the wash to were virtually cleaning themselves.So have had some roof cleaning experience . I am amazed by what your all doing with non pressure roof washing and hope to be joining you as a full payed up member soon. I'm ready to get back to the gutter line again and have my first roofwash job lined up am building an open trailer set up on a shoestring (budget) so will let you know how I get on . This is a great forum I am so glad I found you all Thank you. Here are before and after non pressure black spot algae pics to explain.
  9. Looks great . I have enjoyed watching your you tube footage entertaining and inspirational . We don't get any cedar shingles here in UK . I'm still getting gear sorted for roof cleaning. I have built my own 1 gpm mobile low pressure set up and have been cleaning black spot algae of Indian sandstone patios part time for the last year and am getting great results.Very happy customers.So have to build slowly as extra cash becomes available.
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