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  1. Nice and simple! the battery will be fine!
  2. Looks great. In my area you can go 15 minutes to 1 side of town and that would be a 70-80k house. But if you went to the other side of town the same house would be selling for 400k! The land is the real money maker! Back to the Original topic, the roof came out great.
  3. That looks awesome, do you have this at your shop/facility? Ive spoke to univar for bulk orders but not ready for this yet!
  4. There is for sure some good info in the premium section And i'm with you, I don't visit most other forums because they just constantly promote their equipment and snake oils and want you to pay for their advice if you ask.
  5. Very interesting I've been in contact with a local rep for univar to get chemicals. Glad I know how to read the dates now thanks. I feel like the stuff I get at ice is weak every now and then.
  6. Thanks, I decided to invest in a fatboy pump in a box setup. the air systems seemed very tempting but im running out of room on the trailer and cost played a roll also! Wish me luck I have some advertising to do also... if I dont get some more steady work soon im not sure what to do! im glad someone said it..... other people keep saying they are making 400-500 for a basic house wash (no roof no concrete cleaning) on a 1500 -1800 square foot home.... Ive tried this and people pretty much slam the door in my face, 200-250 is more accurate IMO... maybe im selling myself short and in the future can ask more but I do what pays right now! Thanks for the info I hope to learn alot here. My premium membership will be coming soon!
  7. Hey guys i'm sorry I know i'm not a premium member but I really want to see if roof cleaning is for me first. I currently own a pressure washing business, i'm new so work is going slow. I do have about 6-8k worth of pressure washing equipment and im just so hesitant to keep spending money without seeing more returns I have had people ask me about roof spot cleaning but not entire roofs. I see most of you only do roofs and dont mess with much else. I keep thinking maybe ill downgrade my current pressure washing setup (Now that I think about it I didn't HAVE to have a hot water pressure washer) and get into roof cleaning because the market for that here is MUCH smaller.... But maybe that means it doesn't get done here much for a reason? did you guys start out just doing roofs or was it a branch off of power washing? Thanks for answering any reply helps!
  8. Hey guys new member here, my name is Kacy Lewis, I am owner Operator of Steady Stream Pressure Washing servicing Wilmington NC, Carolina Beach Kure Beach and surrounding areas. I just went full time and opened up my own business 5 months ago after working government jobs for the past 8 years, I got tired of the politics and they moved me to an office job and im just not that person to sit inside all day! I own a Landa hot water 4.2 GPM 4k PSI hot water pressure washer and trailer setup and ive just been doing house washing, drive ways and some wood decks. Anyways work is picking up for me, out of all the jobs ive had 40% of them have asked me if I could spot clean or overall clean their roofs. Well yesterday I was on a roof spot cleaning it with a back pack sprayer and now the spots i cleaned look brand new and the rest of his roof looks like crap! now I have to go back tomorrow and see if i cant do something with it, im going to try and downstream SH on the roof and see if it does anything but im worried it will be too diluted to clean. usually I can spot clean and fade it in with a normal black roof but being this 1 is a tan roof it seems to really show the clean spots now. Anyways im going to invest in some roof cleaning gear instead of spending big money on a new hot water 8-10 GPM pressure washer. I do plan on becoming a premium member but I want to check the forum out first. I got a bad taste in my mouth from 1 of the other pressure washing forums, everybody just promoted their business and kept everything top secret, So far this forum seems alot better!
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