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  1. So here's my first roof. I think it turned out great but had some questions about rinsing. Not a debate, just some questions. This roof I didn't rinse, and we have yet to have rain. It makes me a little nervous...do you guys have problems with just letting it dilute in the gutters? I still feel like a light rain could cause some dead grass out the down spouts. So I've been thinking about rinsin jus to sleep better at night. What's the quickest way you guys rinse? Size hose and nozzles? Just hooked up to customers water? Thanks guys
  2. Alright so I was hoping to alresdy be started but took me longer than I thought to work out my chemical supplier. Anyway, here's my layout. Pretty simple but will work for now I think. About the battery...Is it fine to just leave the battery on the trailer at all times? Wouldn't the sun shorten the life of the battery? Should I just remove it at the end of te day instead of mounting it with my pump?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I talked with them and they had lower minimum purchase orders which was nice. But they couldn't deliver unless I had a warehouse or something? They said they couldn't unload at the house. And for me to pick up they required a box truck, which I don't have I ended up going with MVP Services. I can pick up all the way down to 5 gallons drums if needed. Eventually I will look to Univar again though as I grow (which I'm hoping for) because they do have great prices in my area.
  4. Hey guys. So I've looked around on the forum and saw a lot of you use Univar so I checked them out. Seems they have a minimum of $350 purchase order for pickup or delivery in my area, which for me just starting out is a bit too much. Does anyone know of a place in the triad (Greensboro, Thomasville, High point) where I can get 12.5% SH in smaller quantities?? Checked a local pool supply shop with no luck.
  5. Alright thanks I'll check that out for sure. I plan on eventually utilizing the bulkhead so if I use this, will it still allow for removal without damaging? Also have you ever heard of Gasoila sealant? I'm thinking they are both probably pretty similar.
  6. Alright so I THOUGHT I had no leaks when I finished my setup the other day. Well yesterday I decided to run one more test and fill my mix tank with water. This time I filled it full (125 gal) and everything seemed ok. Came back a couple hours later cause I wanted to let it sit a while and sure enough, I had a small leak at the bulkhead. Just a drop every 5 mins but a leak is a leak when dealing with chem. I'm not pulling from the bottom, so I'm just using a cap with some PTFE seal tape. How do you guys get the best seal for a bulkhead?? This is the second time I've had to drain and redue but it seems my sealant isn't holding up. Also I should note the actual bulkhead is sealed. It's the cap that is leaking after closing off.
  7. Alright so I got everything plumbed up today and took a lot of advice in this thread. No leaks (yet) and everything seems to be working great. The fatboy is really impressive. Will be buying spares as suggested. I think I'm finally ready to do my first roof after reading many threads here. And can't wait to increase my knowledge in the premium section. Thanks for the help guys!
  8. Thanks again for all the great info! I haven't purchased a spare pump yet but that's coming soon. The only thing I was wondering about from your post was the quick connect for the hose reel. With my kit, it came with the 1/2 inch kuri tek hose with fixed stainless steel ends. So that's why I figured to go with the quick connect. I suppose I could just continue to twist the hose as I tighten to the reel? But I figured that would be a pain to deal with if I had a leak or needed to remove the hose for some reason. Is that what you're suggesting I do when you say plumb it directly? Also just a side question, but I have a 125 gal tank from Tractor Supply, since I wont be using the bulkhead at the bottom (yet) will the standard bulkhead be fine to just tighten up and resist the SH? You just had me thinking about that when you said you could do a poly bulkhead at the top for cheaper and has me wondering whats already on the bottom. I'm assuming the one already installed will be fine?
  9. Hey guys. I figured I would just continue on this thread instead of starting a new one. I'm pretty much almost setup and ready to clean roofs. I'm also setting up my premium membership Monday, which I hope will lead to great knowledge :D. But I had a couple more questions because my plumbing experience is zero. I received the kit from Bob at pressuretek, and I'm about to hook up my hose to the reel, to my chemical tank. I'm going with the drop stick method and was wondering if someone could show me a picture of a drop stick or give me a parts list? I'm sure its simple but doesn't seem to be much info out on the web. Second question is, my hose reel has 1/2 inch inlets so I was going to setup a quick connect to the reel. Would these connects work for the setup I'm looking to do? I can't seem to find these at local yet, but trying the local hardware store next. Lowes didn't seem to have any. https://www.morebeer.com/category/stainless-quick-disconnects.html I'm looking at the MPT female and male disconnects.
  10. Thanks for the help guys. I'll probably set up the trailer then and skip the van idea all together. As for the air Diaphragm pump system, I'll be looking into that in the future. Right now, I think I'm going to just get the fatboy kuri tec kit for $600 and when I get the funds, move to an air system. Also, since I'm a nub lol, could you elaborate on what you mean here, "You'd get a manifold-less roof cleaning specific reel and not a pressure washing reel that will rot the manifold out." Edit: Also just a question about chemical tanks. Do they expire? I have a buddy who has a horizontal chemical tank he was going to give me but its been sitting in the woods a while. It shows some age on the outside but maybe just needs cleaning. He has never used it or filled it with anything. I took a look inside and it appears to be in immaculate condition. Just wondering if the tanks are regulated or anything.
  11. Alright thanks for the reply. I'll either be hauling it in a van, or with a trailer. Haven't decided yet. I have a trailer already, but the trailer only has a grated bottom, which seems to make it more difficult to mount things? So I thought about just putting it all in the van until I can invest in an enclosed trailer or maybe even a flat bed landscape truck, which I would really like.
  12. Hey guys. So I've been lurking around on the forums throughout the winter months and finally decided to register. I tried to soak up as much information as possible as to not be an annoyance with repeated questions, though I'm sure some of my questions have probably been answered somewhere before. Feel free to give feedback on any or all of my concerns and thanks in advance. Also, some of my concerns may be up the line of the premium members section, so it's fine if not all my concerns can be handled here. I'm just not quite read to make that jump yet as I just registered. First off, I've been looking at the 12 volt systems from pressure tek. I was looking at the fatboy bandit roof cleaning system but also noticed the fatboy kuri tek kit listed at $600 ($700 with the pump in a box) Is it really worth the extra $700 for the rack system and hose reel? I mean I can justify a couple hundred bucks, but 700? Maybe I'm missing something. Either way, what are your thoughts on the kuri tek kit. Seems to have everything I need and could invest in another system later? Another question I had was with tanks. I was going to have 1 65 gallon mix tank and the pump, keeping things simple, and mixing before I left the house for the day. Is there any downfall to doing it this way? I've seen guys have so many tanks and it just kind of confuses me. I'm just started out so I'm looking for a simple system, that's cost efficient. My other dilemma is transferring chemicals to my mix tank. How do you guys normally do this? I plan on buying drums from Univar since I have a location 15 minutes away from where I live. How do y'all set up your system to get SH to mix tank with 1 pump. This is probably such a noob question and maybe it would be easier if I had everything in front of me. Next thing is mixing. From what I've read, a 70/30 of water and SH..adjust a little for surfactant. I plan on also doing siding. Whats the mix ratio normally for say, vinyl siding? Two final things I can think of is do you guys pull from the top of your tanks? Or what do you advise. And also pricing. Now I know this will vary greatly, but is there some way I can have a base for what to charge per sq footage? And how about vinyl siding? Thanks for reading. And like I said, I know that being a premium member might bring more help, which I plan on doing in the next few weeks. But for anyone who can chime in on any of the above for now would be greatly appreciated!
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