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  1. Did it turn it dark? I remember reading that sh will turn white siding black or brown and that the sun will reverse the damage over time. Good luck.
  2. I agree Jeff, moderators should not be vendors.
  3. I used it today to clean a small deck. The batteries should be fine. I have a weed whacker that runs on these batteries, did my whole yard with half a charge(I don't have a big yard). Actually, I normally use the lithium ion version of that battery. Worked really nice, and the small hoses made cleanup easy.
  4. Finally got a picture. I need to get a gun, but I'll be trying it out tomorrow.
  5. Jeff, my first set-up was for acid washing and I used a lawn mower battery. It worked fine. I made the new set-up, mounted everything on a 5 gallon bucket lid. I'll try and post some pictures when I get back in town.
  6. Go with a 12 volt. My 12 volt pump shoots 7 gpm. Most roofs need less than 50 gallons-how much faster do you need to be done?
  7. Thanks Jeff, I bought my 5 5's of purple power and usually mix it with your S.L.S. to give it some cling. I normally brush it on, let it sit and then scrub it. I'm definitely going to try it your way. Chris, I bought 2 if the cheaper pumps. I'll let you know how they do. How do you think they would do with 18 volts instead of 12 volts? I have a bunch of the Ryobi 18 volt batteries and it would be nice to use them.
  8. Thanks Jeff, I'm going to have to try spraying it and see how it does.
  9. Jeff, I've been wanting to do the same thing for spraying deck cleaner. For gutters I normally apply with a brush, what are your reasons for wanting to spray. Not knocking just wanting to learn.
  10. I think that's the painter in us. When estimating painting we pretty much need to see what we're getting into. Roof cleaning and pressure washing are normally done over the phone.
  11. You can hook your 2 smaller machines up and get 8 gallons out of them. I'm running a hot water 5 gpm and a cold 4 gpm. It's nice I can run them together or separate; if a machine goes down I can still limp by with the one machine.
  12. Personally I think you've already wasted too much time on them. You want to call his boss and tattle on him? You've never been rude to a salesman who interrupted you at a bad time? They're not interested, move on and find someone who is.
  13. Ted, life's been good. Been meaning to give you a call.
  14. Looks great Ted. A lot of people now don't want the human touch and would rather text or email than talk to someone. I've been meaning to do the same thing. I'm going to put pricing on mine. I was thinking about having three prices. One price for a basic wash, one for a middle of the road wash and a third price for a premium wash.
  15. Way easier to spray while walking the roof. On a low slope it's the way to go.
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