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  1. Chris, I did this today prior to reading this. Waiting for my approval Great post Sir
  2. Spend a couple dollars and become a member and then get your cert. It will be worth it and tell you how to calculate a formula to use that dollar store bleach in a pinch . 1 of the many benefitsyou will get from a membership
  3. the white hose is clear poly woven hose. 1/2" I am shooting with that hose right now. Got some bad advise and bought 300 ft before i was told it was no good. that is 200ft on the side and 100 feet rolled up above the compressor. I even carry @ 200 Ft of 3/4" on the other side of the rig. all my water hoses are hanging below ladders. I carry a 100ft, 3 , 50 ft hoses and a 25. I rinse the crap out of the poly and just need it to make it thru this year and i will buy better hose. it what was in some starter kit, so i bought it thru my work. I wish i had reels but honestly its not that bad to roll it up like that. takes me about 2 minutes and cost me under 20 bucks. SOME DAY.. i will have reels I was planing on doing letters down the truck but was looking at 240 bucks and installing them myself. not a bad price but was worried about getting mix on them . I bought signs from A.G.E and they made magnets the size i wanted. for under 200. i got 4 signs and 50 signs. Im happy with it and will order another one for my tail gate.
  4. Just got my door magnets from AGE graphics. Very resonance and quick. Something is still missing??? OH YEAH MY NEW RCIA STICKERS!! THANKS TO THIS FORUM AND THE SUPPORT OF MANY I AM NEWLY CERTIFIED AND VERY PROUD OF IT! CAN'T WAIT TO ADD TO TRUCK
  5. I wear a thin chemical glove black and a harbor frieght respirator. I wear white shirt and jeans . I tried some tyvex coveralls but got way to hot in them. Harbor has cheap gloves and they are pretty good, the respiratory believe it or not is good, I can't smell a thing
  7. Thanks Chris, I will try it this weekend
  8. that Chinese air sucking pump i got off internet. LOL Plating international, it works so i will stick with it and try to make a buck or 2. Yes i know i need to address that water issue. i have one right before the air goes into the pump and it helps, but i want to put on some radiator like you did. you guys still need to tell me what muffler to use.
  9. Work in progress but nearly done for now. HF compressor, 3/4" pump 2- 55 gallon drums, I can make 80 gallons of mix. 1/2 x 200' & 3/4" x 200 foot hoses. 300 feet of garden hose and a HF boost pump.
  10. what unit did yall use? http://www.harborfreight.com/30-gal-420cc-Truck-Bed-Air-Compressor-EPA-III-69784.html OR http://www.harborfreight.com/9-gal-212cc-135-PSI-Wheelbarrow-Air-Compressor-EPA-III-69783.html that wheelbarrow one seems way to small at 9 cfm.
  11. I was told that set of numbers will NOT tell you what you need. Tell your CSR you want a CA with every order. Certificate of Analysis. That is the only way to know the TRUE date it was make/tested. least that is what i learned / was told last friday.
  12. so do you just write an article and hit submit? do i need to do anything else? will this help my website and google searches?
  13. who has best deal on them? i just got some made at Vista print and i am very happy on the quality.
  14. talked to a realtor yesterday at a Home and garden show. SHe said i see this black stuff all the time. we talked about it and then she asked me the price.. i told he 1800sq is about 300 bucks. She said " wow thats cheap". I also explained we could do an escrow payment to assist in the sale. Yes i have to wait for my payday, but it could offer large rewards in the end. we haven't done it yet but plan on a lunch & learn in the near future.
  15. I have contacted and set up my account with Univar, I can get it south of Cleveland or Pitt. my issue is I am paying @ 2.40 a gallon. not sure it that is a good price. my rep tells me to buy more, however i am only wanting the minimum buy ($250.00) right now. wasn't sure if anyone else around NE Ohio or W PA wanted to team up on some barrels to save some funds. not sure what they would sell 4 barrels or more for. I don't have a bunch of jobs lined up yet, that is why i am not really wanting 2 barrels right not. 1 would do me just fine for now. let me know if this is a consideration for anyone in the area thanks Joe
  16. Haven't found a way to cool air. Still working on that. The regulator has a filter and the reason I mounted it so close to pump. Hope in that it would catch it prior to going into pump. Running 1/2" hose in hopes of reducing it also I am interested in the muffler. It is on my list to buy one but will wait for your offering. Thanks for the complement on rig, like I said it aint perty but she works ! I can jack up tongue and get 99% of barrels empty. I can detach the valve and pump and pack it in truck to keep it safe. It's all temporary for now.
  17. Well I'm going to be very disappointed if that Nozzle doesn't work for the price I paid for it. I guess I'll wait and see and try it out.
  18. Chris, i thought about that and have read guys saying they have 250 and wish they had more. i carry a knife, so i can cut it down. plan on parking trailer in the road on most jobs to eliminate backing up and making a mistake
  19. Finally got everything together. It may not be the greatest set up in the world but it's going to work for us just fine right now. 9 horsepower air compressor that will always be offloaded from the trailer. Half inch pump to 55 gallon drums, one with mix one with water. The five gallon bucket on top will be the way that we fill and regulate sh. I know that's not the most effective way but I need to keep the weight on this trailer down to a minimum. We will have 300 foot of poly hose half inch diameter. I already bought it before I realized I should have went bigger so we're going to get a few houses out of the way and then go larger. Into my pump we're running three quarter inch line into a banjo valve . From the compressor to the regulator is all half inch air line. Our wind is 1/2" pvc reduced to 1/4" to use a quick disconnect 4 nozzle set up. We have no reels at this point and will hang hoses on side of trailer, sorry not best pictures. We also have @ 300 of gardenhose and a elec boost pump. We got about 30' distance out of it on Sat and we are happy however I did just order a nozzle front master ind.
  20. wow thats amazing it lasted with out a rinse. Univar will sell in 15 gallon totes too.. still waiting on a price..
  21. won't the transfer pump crap out in a few cycles with straight SH? I don't have funds to buy another 1/2" aodd pump..
  22. Im a little concerned about trying to manuver a 55 gallon drum of SH and dispense it into my mix tank. How do ya'll handle this? I am pricing 5 gallon containers to see if it would be cost effective, that way i can just throw it on top of my tote and drum it in. OR should i stick with the 55 gallon barrel and buy a cart to lay it down on and put a ball valve on it and fill containers and then transport it that way? Hope to get my rig put together this weekend weather provided..and want to be ready to start testing as soon as i get a couple nice days.
  23. AL, how did that accumulator hold up? I am building my rig with a FB2 new one with a demand switch on it and want to put an accumlator on it. Was looking at the PVC option you mentioned as well. I was looking at a 6" Sch 80 pipe about 2' long. any updates would be GREAT THAnks Joe
  24. HELLO RCIA Members, My name is Joe and my partner is Alex, we own Crystal Clear Cleaning. The business was started years ago and offered pressure washing, window cleaning and duct cleaning. After a break from the business we are starting it back up from the ground up and changing to NON pressure washing. We are building our system now and will be utlizing a 3 valve system to mix our batch as it flows. OUr unit will be trailer mounted until we gather enough buisness to make a skid unit. Joe works in industrial sales and has knowledge of most of this equipment and the ability to buy it direct from manufactures. That is helping us build a really nice system at a competitive price. We are located in the North eastern part of Ohio near PA boarder. Youngstown is the closest city. We haven't got the web site or FB pages up yet but will soon. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE TO ALL! There is some great info on this forum Crystal Clear Cleaning 330-718-8180 ajcrystalclearcleaning@gmail.com SORRY , need to make a signiture for profile
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