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  1. Ok guys thanks. It be a minute before I try but I'll let you know the results
  2. Yeah that was my plan lol but does sh work on driveways, decks, fences, metal roofs and siding and brick. And how many sf can i expect to get out of a 55 gal tank using sh
  3. I'm a truck driver so I got plenty of time to read while waiting to load and unload lol so how many square foot can i expect to get out of a 55 gallon drum of sh.oh and I been watching YouTube bahahaha YouTube and Google knows all
  4. Ahhh see lol that's why I'm the newbie and yall are the professional ' s haha this was all my brothers idea I'm just perusing it and just want to get it right before I go for it lol I'll practice on my house first
  5. Yall the pro's lol if toy say sh then sh it is. But now can I apply the sh and then rinse myself the same day for same day results
  6. Sorry guys logged in with Facebook was easier lol and was suppose to be plants....... not pants
  7. But is there a eco friendly solution you can make yourself with out the sh or other stuff that you can apply wait a few and then rinse off and not have to worry about pants and what not
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